38th annual ‘Strawberry Jubilee’ offers entertainment before finals

Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Eric Summers and Miss Southeastern Alyssa Larose cut the king cake for “Strawberry Jubilee.” Zachary Araki/The Lion’s Roar

Students and organizations gathered to relax before finals week with food and games for the “Down Da Bayou” themed “Strawberry Jubilee.”

The event was altered by the Campus Activities Board to reflect the student’s needs.

Sophomore accounting major and CAB Operations Manager Kirsten Babin compared this year’s “Strawberry Jubilee” to previous ones.




“We’re way more planned than last year,” said Babin. “We are doing surveys now, so we’re getting all the students’ input, and we’ve incorporated everything that they said from last ‘Strawberry Jubilee,’ controlling the lines better, having more things for people to do.”

CAB held the annual event on Wednesday, April 18 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Student Union Park. 

‘“Strawberry Jubilee’ is great,” said sophomore elementary education and special education, grades 1-5 major and Miss Southeastern Alyssa Larose. “I’m really excited that they did a Louisiana theme this year, more of a down the bayou type thing. Crawfish was a big success with the red beans and rice. I’m glad there’s a lot of fraternities, sororities and other organizations out here promoting themselves and the event.”

Freshman early childhood education, grades PK-3 major Erin Laborde worked a table with Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority to sell strawberry beignets and raise funds for the sorority’s philanthropy, “Sigma Serves Children.”

“It’s a great event that they’re putting on,” said Laborde. “It’s the last couple weeks, so students are trying to push through, they really need this motivation. This fun event is done to give us that last little boost that we need before it’s time to really put in the last couple weeks.”

Senior computer science major Aabishkar Timalsina used the event to bring more attention to the International Student Union.

“As an organization, I think we should get out there and let people know that we are here to assist our international students whatever way we can,” said Timalsina. “First, we need to tell people we are here. The second thing is to participate here in a school event and encourage students to get out there and get involved.”

To raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Larose sold raffle tickets for prizes such as Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Eric Summers’ parking spot for finals week.

“I’ve never been a part of ‘Strawberry Jubilee’ working a table or as Miss Southeastern, but I’ve come out before to get a T-shirt or to get some food,” said Larose. “I like that this year you actually have to play a game to get a T-shirt. That’s really fun. It’s a good turnout.”

Timalsina shared his thoughts on “Strawberry Jubilee.” 

“It’s a very nice festival,” said Timalsina. “I see a lot of people coming out here and enjoying the food, games and whatever the organizations have. I think it’s a fun event.”

Babin discussed the decision behind this year’s theme.

“I love the ‘Down Da Bayou’ theme just because I love crawfish and the king cake,” said Babin. “I was so done with cupcakes.”

Freshman English education, grades 6-12 major and member of CAB Zayda Aleman explained the preparation CAB put into holding the event.

“We were preparing since last summer,” said Aleman. “It’s a big event, so we have to start getting the food right, ordering T-shirts, making sure we have tents and getting everything in order so people don’t skip.”

Larose shared her favorite part of this year’s “Strawberry Jubilee.”

“My favorite thing about this year is the crawfish and red beans,” said Larose. “It really brought the Louisiana theme to life. I think everybody else is enjoying it too.”

Freshman nursing major Sha’laris Babin discussed why she attended the event.

“I’ve never been before, and I wanted to see what it’s like,” said Sha’laris Babin. “People were talking about it. It was like, ‘Make sure you come.’ I like it. It’s a nice experience.”