Lady Lions snap seven game losing streak

A young Lady Lions team snapped their first major losing streak of the season with a three set win over Grambling State on Tuesday.
Senior middle blocker Courtney Donald and freshman middle blocker Shelby Devlin led the way with nine kill each. Head coach Geno Frugoli noted the win as a legitimate learning session for the freshmen. “A lot of these young freshmen have gotten some playing time here and there but that was the first time they could get some significant time,  so we wanted to see who could handle the pressure and kind of work them through it,” said Frugoli. “It’s just going to make us stronger as a team.”
For Frugoli, the win means a seven game losing streak is snapped and his team can get back to business. “These kids need confidence,” he said. “They need to know that they’re a good team, and tonight they showed that they’re a good team. So we’re going to take that momentum and keep moving forward.”
While the Lady Lions are 6-11, Frugoli and his team aren’t quite out of things yet.
“What’s interesting is that every team we play we have a chance to win,” Frugoli said. “We took the top teams in the league and brought them to four or five games. We feel like we can beat everyone, it’s just a matter of getting a consistent effort on the floor, and that’s what we’re working towards.”