Wiggins sprints to career highs

Harry Wiggins running at a track meet.

Former cross country runner and graduate Harry Wiggins sprints to career success by starting his own physical training business “You First Fitness.”
The Lion's Roar/File Photo

“You’re worth it.” This is the idea behind senior Southeastern distance runner Harry Wiggins’ physical training business, “You First Fitness.” As a kinesiology major, student athlete and certified personal trainer through American Council on Exercise, Wiggins has found a passion for helping others on their own fitness and health journey.

“I came up with the name “You First Fitness” because a lot of people don’t put themselves first,” said Wiggins. “They think of other people and let themselves go to the wayside. I want to get people to start helping themselves. You will enjoy life so much more if you’re fit. You don’t have to be a fitness model. It’s just a better quality of life if you’re healthy.”

Wiggins has ran for the Lions Cross Country team since 2012 and was the first American to cross the finish line in the 2016 Crescent City Classic 10k in New Orleans. Wiggins finished with a time of 32:23, placed 9th overall male and 11th overall. 

“The whole reason I’m in the field I am and the major I am is to help people,” said Wiggins. “My knowledge base is definitely exercise fitness so that’s the best way I know to help people.”

As a student athlete, Wiggins also understands what it takes to get fit and healthy.

“I’ve pushed myself hard everyday,” said Wiggins. “I know how to push myself and I know what it feels like to do these exercises. I know that it hurts.”

Wiggins primarily trains for weight loss and toning through aerobics, sports performance, running and more. Wiggins bases each clients’ fitness program off of their own desires and personal journey.

“I do what’s called a circuit workout,” said Wiggins. “It’s higher cardio where you keep the heart rate up and it will be an exercise after an exercise. Let’s say you do 30 seconds of squats and then you will walk in place or jog in place and then you’ll do crunches and then just keep going down and take a nice little break and then do it again. It’s all at everybody’s own pace.”

Through You First Fitness, Wiggins will meet with clients a couple times a week, send workouts to do while apart, will provide body assessments to recognize progress, meal plans focused on portion control and will provide motivation. 

“I’ll do body fat percentage, I’ll do blood pressure, but if they’re uncomfortable with that we can do some other stuff,” said Wiggins. “We take initial measurements because that really helps them see their progress.”

You First Fitness comes in several different packages. A one-hour individual session cost $35. One-hour sessions with two people cost $30 each. One-hour sessions with three to four people cost $25 each. One-hour sessions with five or more people cost $20 each.

“It is pretty affordable,” said Wiggins. “A lot of personal trainers start at $45 and go up from there. I like to come in at a cheaper price because I want to train collegiate people and I want to make it affordable.”

To make inquiries about You First Fitness, Wiggins can be contacted at 985-210-1298, [email protected] or facebook.com/youfirstf.

“Anything is possible,” said Wiggins. “Don’t think it is too big of a step, don’t think you are too far gone because you can always start somewhere. You are never too far-gone to start exercising. No matter how old you are or how big you are, there’s always somewhere you can start.”