Mens basketball team hold fundraiser at La Carreta

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The men's basketball team will begin their game season in November. Courtesy of Sports Information

The Lions men’s basketball team held a fundraiser at La Carreta last Thursday to raise funds for new formal attire.

Director of Basketball Operations Garland Wilson chose Thursday because La Carreta usually has live music playing on that day.

“Sort of the end of the week, and Thursday they have live music,” said Wilson.

Wilson described how the event was set up to where players could attend, as their schedules permitted, throughout the day.

“We spread the fundraiser out throughout the whole course of the day for people who come for lunch,” said Wilson. “Also, we have a target group that can only come during the daytime and some who could only make the night one. So, we didn’t want to schedule it for a day or night. We did like an all-day event to where they can trickle in as they were able to with their schedules.”

Junior forward Moses Greenwood explained what roles he and the other players took during the fundraiser.

“Our part was to walk around and thank everybody for coming out and to just share our appreciation for them for coming out,” said Greenwood. “Everybody had to play a part in inviting a lot of people to La Carreta.”

Wilson said the fundraiser money they received was part of a total of what La Carreta had made that day, which they had been given a percentage of additionally saying that the event was very successful. Wilson explained the purpose of the proceeds.

“To raise money because we want to get our players new navy blue blazers, suit coats,” said Wilson.

Greenwood shared his perspective as a player about getting new suit coats.

“Everybody is excited about getting new things, so it should be fun,” said Greenwood.