Volleyball faced with yet another defeat in losing streak

Sophomore middle blocker Savannah Alcazar made five kills in the game against Houston Baptist University. Nikisun Shrestha/The Lion's Roar

The 3-0 loss to Houston Baptist University leaves the Lady Lions volleyball team winless in the Southland Conference. The defeat extended their losing streak to seven games.

Head Coach Jim Smoot gave his assessment of the game and how the team is playing.

“At times we played very well as a team,” said Smoot. “I thought our serving at times was good. The defensive effort was probably the highlight. We’ve had so many sets that we’ll have a lead, we’re right in there and then we just don’t finish. We have to learn to finish the set. That overall is probably the thing we need to work most on.”

Redshirt sophomore right side Elyssa Purcell also described the need for finishing the games. 

“I think the main thing for us is that we just need to learn how to win because we’ve been ahead a lot,” said Purcell. “We can’t close the games. I think that’s our main thing. We just need to focus more even in practice. Recently, we’ve been running drills where you have to learn to how to close. So you have to learn to finish the game and finish on top.”  

Purcell described how Smoot is trying to regroup the team during this losing run. She shared the experience the team had ahead of their game against the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

“Our coach, he sat down, and he had a talk with us,” said Purcell. “We didn’t even practice that day. I think that really helped us because we were able to talk about what we need to work on, what he needs to work on. That was honestly one of the funnest games I’ve played while I’ve been here at Southeastern.”

Smoot gave his thoughts on how the new players are coping with this experience.

“It’s tough we have so many new players,” said Smoot. “You know, no seniors and only two girls who’ve been here in the program for three years. So, only half the team has experience. I think our captains, Macey and Haley are doing a good job leading them. It is tough to take in six freshmen and JC transfer. But it’s a learning process for our players, and we’re starting to grasp it, not totally yet. Well, we’re improving every time. I’m just looking forward to the time we’re 90 percent.”

Purcell explained the need for the new players to step up and told, despite having a new team, the team chemistry is better than the previous year.

“It’s definitely new,” said Purcell. “They have to come in and do a big job for us because we only had six returners. I think they’re doing a great job. One good thing, the difference between last year and this year is our team bonding is just incredible on and off the court. That’s helping us get through this time.” 

The team will hope to end their winless run against Lamar University today at 7 p.m. The team will travel to Beaumont, TX for the game.