Lions and Colonels rivalry resumed

The Lions football team celebrated winning the River Bell Classic last season at Nicholls State University’s home. File Photo/The Lion’s Roar

The Lions football team will end their 2017 season during the game against Nicholls State University. The game known as the River Bell Classic will also mark Senior Day where the team will celebrate their senior players.

Along with the River Bell trophy, the team would look to close out on a winning season. The team has a 5-5 overall record. 

Head Coach Ron Roberts explained the importance of the game that will take place this Thursday, Nov. 16 at 6 p.m. at the Strawberry Stadium.

“Obviously, this game has a long history and a lot of tradition to it,” said Roberts. “Our guys are trying to plan it, an opportunity to play for River Bell. When you look at the history of it, it’s a huge rivalry game, an in-state game. There’s a lot of reasons for our guys to be excited and love to play a game of this caliber.”

The Lions are the current holders of the River Bell trophy after their 44-42 victory against Nicholls in their home stadium. The series is tied 13-13, and the Lions would look forward to edge past Nicholls in front of the home crowd. 

“We’re just starting to get prepared for it,” said Roberts. “We were off last week. We’re gonna get ready. It’s going to be synchronized as well. Obviously, a lot of reasons we need to send our guys.”

With the season coming to an end, Roberts gave his thoughts on the season.

“Well, it didn’t go as I planned or how we liked to have it,” said Roberts. “I’ve enjoyed this group, they’re a good bunch of guys. We could enjoy our last week together as a football team, and we’re gonna walk to take the River Bell trophy and we try to send our guys on a positive note. So this is basically the first launching pad for 2018. Just give us a positive outlook for the offseason.”

The game also marks an occasion where the team can celebrate the contribution of its 22 senior players. The team would be looking to give a good send-off to the seniors. 

“Our kids are positive and they’re excited about playing,” said Roberts. “They’re looking forward to the opportunity to go out there. Season’s gone by fast. It’s hard to believe this is our last one, but I expect our guys to play really well at this one.”