Lacrosse’s season reflection

In the second year of its installation, the men’s lacrosse team has reaped rewards from gathering members and teaching the basics of the game in their first year. With the progress, the team now expects to advance further in play. 

The team is midway through its season with four games left. Co-founder of the Southeastern Louisiana University Men’s Lacrosse Club David DiPiazza gave his assessment of this season compared to the previous season.

“Last year, it was just kind of more getting everybody together, getting everything established,” said DiPiazza. “I mean, we didn’t really do very well in the games last year, but since then, this year, we’ve done a lot better. Our team’s a lot better this year. We have more people. Just everything’s kind of improved, and our goal this year is just to keep building up from this year into next year and just keep improving.” 

DiPiazza explained that the club welcomes all those willing to learn. 

“If anyone’s interested in trying it out, we are always looking for new people,” said DiPiazza. “It’s a lot of fun. It does not matter if you have never played before. Half of our team had never played lacrosse before they got to Southeastern. Just come try it out, or if not, at least just come check us out.”




Director of Recreational Sports and Wellness Seth Thomas explained the importance of having sports clubs such as men’s lacrosse on campus.

“I think students need to be involved on campus and in a healthy way,” said Thomas. “Not every person is going to be on the varsity teams. So, it gives people an avenue to participate in sports that they still love, and then also with the varsity sports, you’re practicing like five days a week. You’re going to study hall, and then time with sports clubs is not that tight. You’re only practicing like two days a week, some games on the weekend and that kind of stuff. So, like I said, I just think it’s being involved in doing something that you love.”

Although their season is in full swing, DiPiazza stated that their team is always welcome to recruiting new players during the semester. 

“It’s hard to get new players on the team and get them caught up with everything that we’re doing, but we’re definitely looking for new players,” said DiPiazza. 

The team will be focusing on recruiting in April. 

“We’ll do tables in the union and stuff like that, just to see if anybody’s interested in trying it out.” said Dipiazza. “There’s no experience required or anything, just like the women’s team.”

DiPiazza has also been a key player both on the field and recruiting helping the women’s lacrosse team’s creation. 

“I am one of the main players in getting the men’s team up and going, and it’s just, we’re kind of stable and doing pretty well,” said DiPiazza. “I just thought for whatever reason we don’t have any club sports on campus except for us. Other schools usually have between 10 men’s and women’s sports. My biggest thing is I just want to keep growing club sports, not only to help our club but just to get more people involved at Southeastern.”

DiPiazza believes that with more club sports on campus, more opportunities and resources can be given to the Recreational Sports and Wellness department. 

“More field space, more presence as a whole,” said DiPiazza.