Killebrew appears in SyFy production

Moonshine, mutant alligators and a Romeo and Juliet-type love triangle set in the Louisiana swamp can play out in a lot of wild, crazy ways. Leave it to the SyFy Channel to produce a movie titled “Rajun Cajun Redneck Alligators” to fulfill your wildest dreams. Junior Nick Killebrew received a role in this SyFy original movie, filmed right here in the Hollywood South.
Filmed in Gonzales, La., and directed by Griff Furst, the film depicts two families at war with each other. Both families make their living off making moonshine in the muggy, spooky Louisiana swamps. A son falls in love with a daughter from the rival family, and all hell breaks loose. The movie stars Jordan Hinson and Victor Webster and will air on the SyFy channel Saturday, Sept. 14 at 6 p.m.
“Well one night, they’re making this moonshine and they pour the bad moonshine out into the swamp, which mutates the alligators,” said Killebrew. “So the families have to join up, put aside their differences and work together to kill the gators.”
In the film, after the alligators are mutated, the families call for a gator whisperer. This said gator whisperer also has his own reality television show, and Killebrew plays his cameraman. For two 13-hour days he spent all his time in the swamps filming, but “It was well worth it,” he said.
College students try lots of creative ways to make a little extra cash, but this way, spending time on movie sets and making connections in the film industry is a not so mundane way to keep Killebrew’s wallet and mind happy. He got the part by getting inspired from talking with extras on the set of Lee Daniel’s “The Butler,” which filmed some scenes at Ponchatoula Junior High School, where his mother works. He met a location scout and then received a pass to be on set where he got to experience filming a major motion picture firsthand.
“I made lots of extra profiles to get my name out there,” said Killebrew. “One day, out of nowhere, I got a casting call for the ‘Rajun Cajun Redneck Gators.'”
Killebrew and his friends make creative use of their time and make their own films for online.
“Me and a couple buddies of mine, we try to write our own films, and usually I’m the one always directing it,” Killebrew said. “I love that aspect of it. And at the same time, I’ll try to act in it too as well. In one, there was a guy, it was kind of an intense situation with a hostage, and the suspense is building up, and when you find out what it’s actually about, it’s about a game of Jenga and he has to pull the Jenga block out without having it fall. So its just silly things like that. All the tension build up and then you find out it’s a joke.”
Killebrew also landed a small role in the upcoming film “The Maze Runner,” set in a post- apocalyptic world. A young boy Thomas is dropped into a community of boys who all have their memory erased. They all have to work together to get out of the maze they are trapped in.
Though his experiences from being on film sets have been enjoyable, it is not something the marketing major wants to pursue in the future.
“It’s more of a free time thing for me right now,” said Killebrew. “At first I wanted to pursue it, but I don’t think I can do it every day for a living.”
Check your local listings to catch “Rajun Cajun Redneck Gators” and look for “The Maze Runner” in a theater near you in February 2014.