Shattered Illusions

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The Ghost Light concert venue returned for the spring semester after making its debut last year. The performing bands included the local Better By Design and Atlanta’s Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun. 

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun had trouble labeling their genre of music, but many classify it as neo new wave and indie rock. Better By Design meshed well as openers for the band with their rock and roll style.

Despite Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun headlining, I found myself enjoying Better By Design slightly more. There seemed to be too much going on during most of Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun’s songs. The sound did not seem clean enough, making it difficult to hear the lyrics through the extremely loud distortions. 

It was clear the group was talented in what they did. The lead singer, Lauren Gibson, has a strong voice and is a great performer. The drums stood out to me the most, possibly due to the volume of each instrument, but it was obvious how skilled the drummer was at delivering a fast and rhythmic sound.

Despite their talent and passion for music, I would not return to see the band again. On the other hand, I would be interested in hearing more of Better By Design. I was not blown away by every song, but a couple stood out enough for me to go back and listen to them online.

Despite my difficulty in understanding some of their lyrics, I noticed a unique alternative rock sound. Singer Benjamin Thomas has a clean and deep voice that complements the band’s style.

A few songs welcomed an outside harmonica, which offered a nice flare to the sound. Out of all the songs, I enjoyed those with the harmonica the most and would have liked to see that instrument as a more permanent addition to the band. 

I hope to see more people at the venue in the future as the room was relatively low in numbers despite this being the second year of hosting shows. Those who attend the venue typically enjoy the music and return for more, and the low numbers do not seem to represent the quality of the venue, but rather lack of awareness despite advertisement.

I will not be surprised if The Ghost Light becomes a well-known venue to discover new music in the future.

Overall, the concert was enjoyable, but not the best of the Ghost Light concerts I have attended. However, hearing rising bands I have never heard of before is an experience I plan to enjoy again with the next concert.