Shattered Illusions


In the latest Mumford and Sons album, “Wilder Mind,” the group ditched the infamous banjo and embraced an electric sound fans were surprised to hear. Many were skeptical of a folk band turning electric, including myself. But, after a couple run-throughs of the new album, I am just as in love with this group of British rockers.

Aside from the banjo, Mumford and Sons is well-known for producing the most poetic lyrics that seem to perfectly capture the human experience. Aside from the passionate sound, it has always been the lyrics that truly inspired  in me a love for this band. 

Marcus Mumford wrote most of the songs from the past two albums, but all four members contributed to the lyrics of “Wilder Mind.” Despite another dramatic change in the band, the music is still beautiful and rich with emotion. 

As the band began releasing singles about a month ago, I was a bit disappointed in what I was hearing. It is hard for a fan to hear their favorite band completely change their sound—swapping out the patented wool vests for leather jackets. 

After I got past the initial shock and even slight feeling of abandonment, I took the time to truly listen to the rhythm, melody and words to each song. 

They are amazing. They are powerful. They tell a story. They tell many stories. To the folk-loving fans out there who are still skeptical of really giving this “new” Mumford a try, listen again. Accept the new sound, and try to take it as it is. 

According to an interview with the band on Consequence of Sound, the group is not abandoning their sound for a new, more modern sound, but they are simply returning to where they each started as individuals. The musicians played more rock before they seemed to stumble upon the banjo. Still, they said the banjo is not necessarily out for good.

Lets give the group a chance to play around, try new things and stay on their feet. Changing their sound keeps the band fresh. You can still hear their sound in this new electric style. 

With any music, it sometimes takes a couple listenings to be able to enjoy. I have listened to the “Wilder Mind” album 22 times already. 

Seeing where this new album takes Mumford and Sons is something I am looking forward to, and I hope their fans are able to stay loyal as they also pick up some new fans.