Let’s get back to the 21st century




With the increase of technology use in our daily lives, the Internet has become a necessity for college students. In spite of this, Wi-Fi is currently not available to those living in university housing, both in the dorms and North Campus apartments. 

According to Housing Director Kay Maurin, Housing has been working on adding wireless Internet to on-campus living for the past two years, but we have yet to see this come into fruition. Students living on campus have one option for Internet in their room: using an Ethernet cable. 

This option alone brings forth many issues. It limits the ability to move around the room while remaining connected to the Internet and puts a restraint on those students who do not have a computer with an Ethernet outlet. 

I have a friend who lives in Southeastern Oaks Apartments, and her laptop does not allow for Ethernet cords, and neither does her roommate’s. The only option for them to do homework involves going to the library or other Wi-Fi locations. Unfortunately, Lion Traxx does not run past 6 p.m., which further limits their ability to get to the library. With the library closing at 11 p.m. every night, they are forced to do any work requiring Internet early.

We live in a day and age where everything is done on the Internet. We contact teachers and classmates through the Internet, complete assignments through Moodle, conduct research through the online library database and even do math online. If it is mandatory to have so much of our college education online, then it is a necessity to have Wi-Fi available across campus, including living areas.

Southeastern is behind the times with providing Wi-Fi to on-campus living. Many universities, including both of our neighbors, Louisiana State University and University of Lafayette, provide Wi-Fi in dorms. The students do not need to worry about the extra hassle of having an Ethernet cord, and rightly so.

Wi-Fi should not be an issue for students. Internet should be available across all areas of campus. There are campuses much larger than ours who have managed this. Yes, expenses may increase, but with the amount of students we have, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. 

I am encouraged to hear University Housing is currently working toward providing wireless Internet. I hope this is something they are actively pursuing. As students, we need to make our opinions and needs known. 

We can do this by talking to the Student Government Association, who actively work toward fulfilling student needs and have previously achieved laid out goals including the construction of the Student Union. Also, reaching out to Housing and letting them know our wishes will encourage them and let them know we are behind them in this goal.

Yes, we have managed so far without Wi-Fi in on-campus living, but this does not diminish the need for it.