To be or not to be in love with love?

What is Valentine’s Day? Like many other “Christian” holidays, Valentine’s Day began as a Roman festival. The Roman festival, known as Lupercalia, was a fertility festival celebrated annually on Feb. 15. The name was later changed to Valentine’s Day in honor of Catholic priest Saint Valentine who was persecuted for marrying young couples which went against the commands of Emperor Claudius II, and the date was changed to Feb. 14. Who cares about all of that though? 

Now, Valentine’s Day is regarded as a celebration of love through the giving of gifts such as chocolates, flowers, cards and more to one’s significant other. Naturally, this does not go down so well with some. Many people deem Valentine’s Day as an over sensationalized “Hallmark Holiday” and believe it should not be celebrated at all. Why? What is wrong with feeding the economy every February through mass gift giving? What is wrong with celebrating your romance? What is wrong with romanticizing love? As a perpetual single, I love Valentine’s Day. I do not have to have someone special in my life to appreciate this holiday. I just love love. Love is a wonderful, beautiful thing, which in my opinion, deserves to be celebrated. 

Of course, you should celebrate and appreciate your relationship everyday, not just on a holiday. You should also love and appreciate your mom on more than just Mother’s Day. Should we also not celebrate that then? Why? What is wrong with celebrating these outstanding women who do so much for us? As a motherless individual, I love Mother’s Day. I do not have to have my mom in my life to appreciate what she has done for me. I still love my mom. Mothers are wonderful, beautiful people, which in my opinion, deserve to be celebrated. 

See, to me, these holidays are very similar. Valentine’s Day, like Mother’s Day, is a day to remind us of the blessings we have in everyday life. There are glimpses of heaven in every day. You just have to open your eyes to see them. Love is beautiful. Familial love, companionate love, romantic love, all forms of love are beautiful, and everyone deserves to know that. Sadly, this is something many people realize too little, too late. That is why I feel Valentine’s Day is so important. Valentine’s Day is a day to recognize, appreciate and celebrate the magical thing we call love.

I know I’m a hopeless romantic and that, that doesn’t really fit with my personality. It can get pretty lonely at times, but I don’t allow that to deter me. Even when I feel completely alone in the world, I am happy just seeing other people in love. I think everyone should celebrate Valentine’s Day. Even if you celebrate it alone. Because, you know what? You deserve to be loved. Buy yourself some chocolate or flowers or whatever, and do something that makes you happy. Love your significant other, love yourself, love love and celebrate Valentine’s Day.