Before graduation, enjoy these campus gems

Vonnie Borden Theatre

Productions put on by the theatre program are presented in the Vonnie Borden Theatre. The dance program also presents some of their dance productions in this theater. Vonnie Borden Theatre is located on the first floor in D Vickers Hall. To attend events hosted here, purchase tickets from the box office located across from the theater.





REC Center

The Pennington Student Activity Center is commonly referred to as the REC Center. Events such as REC Fest and Swamp Bowl are hosted in the grassy area near the Pennington. The Pennington is located at the entrance to the tunnel on south campus. All enrolled students have membership to the Pennington’s facilities.


Friendship Circle

Lions football fans tailgate the home games around Friendship Circle. Friendship Circle is located on Western Ave. near Pottle Music Building and Strawberry Stadium. Friendship Oak is located at the edge of Friendship Circle.


University Center

Men’s and Women’s basketball play their home games in the  green dome- shaped University Center along with the volleyball team. This is also the venue where commencement is held each semester. Every so often, celebrity guests visit. 


Pottle Music Building

Pottle Auditorium faces Friendship Circle. Instrumental and vocal performances are held here. Annual events such as Guitar Fest, fanfare lectures and Wind Symphony feature faculty, students and guests.


Contemporary Art Gallery

CAG is located behind the west side of Strawberry Stadium. There are often student and faculty artworks on display in this gallery.  Exhibitons are free and often coincides with insightful lectures.