Communication can make love ever lasting

In this world, the word “love” exists as a question that no one seems to have the full answer to. “Does love exist?” seems to be the most important mystery surrounding the sentiment. Love exists in many ways, but when does someone know they’re in love and how can it last? I, myself, have been in a romantic relationship for quite some time now, and I am in love. I know this because he makes me laugh. He is my safe place, and we know that even if we are not always together, there are ways to make things work, especially on Valentine’s Day.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary has nine definitions for the word “love.” The definition I relate to most is, “A warm attachment, enthusiasm or devotion.” This is because that’s what I strive for in all my relationships. I believe the love one feels should bring you a sense of peace, a fun-loving atmosphere and strength.

Being in love with a significant other of any type comes with its obstacles, yes, but to make it last takes effort. Working as a pair to build as one and make a future together, is a part of being in love. 

In my case, I knew I was in love when certain things occurred such as when we were able to goof off with each other and had cute names for each other that no one understood. When I found myself separated from him and wished he was there with me, I realized that no matter what either one of us is going through, happiness or sadness, we are there for each other.

With the happy note of Valentine’s Day being around the corner and talk of romantic relationships, there are things to make any circumstance work. Expensive gifts are nice, but all anyone really wants is to feel loved and prioritized by the ones they love. Guys and girls alike want attention, and if you are in a long-distance relationship, like myself, FaceTime is your friend. Attention may sound needy, but it is the little things that go a long way.

Giving someone attention and giving them a piece of yourself is a big promise a lot of people are scared of because usually a person can change some of their ways and slowly become less selfish. Slowly learning how to become each other’s backbone in certain situations is important.

Communication is key. Even if an issue feels irrelevant to bring up, do it anyway because if it comes up again and still feels a bit off, a conversation about it is the best way to heal. Fairy tales, romantic comedies and dramas leave this information out, but it is important for a thriving relationship. I know because I was the one who bottled things up until one day I exploded, and it wasn’t healthy for me or the people involved.

Just because you have a cute first meeting and it will make a great story or movie one day does not mean the relationship will last through the big stuff. “There’s been trials and tribulations” as Princess Tiana said in “The Princess in the Frog.” Issues will come up, and if you don’t want to deal with them, they may be a downfall in the relationship. So, it may be time to re-evaluate the relationship at hand and decide if the person you are with is worthy of you and all your personal glory.

Romantic relationships should feel like an empowering environment and like the two of you together can take on the world. It’s about picking each other up, supporting one another and remembering you always have a best friend by your side. Love is easy and difficult with forever changing circumstances to test you, but it is an exciting day when you find someone and you can say to yourself, “That’s the human I want to spend every day with.”