Project Pull

The fall semester is filled with incoming freshmen making the transition into an independent lifestyle with a new school experience. Project PULL, or Promoting Unity through Leadership and Learning, aids in making that transition easier for minority freshmen such as international and African-American students, but all are welcome.

“Project PULL is a mentor organization and leadership program for incoming freshmen for minorities,” said Adonica Reed, program coordinator. “The purpose is to help them graduate in four years. We also give them the leadership skills to go to other organizations so they can succeed.”

The organization assists in mentoring, leadership development, financial aid, housing, scheduling, campus life and other varying aspects of college.

“The main goal is to help them academically, help them graduate in four years,” said Reed. “Also to help them succeed on campus, be the leaders that we need on campus and be leaders in the world because a lot of experiences you get in college, you use in the real world.”

The program meets every Wednesday in Fayard Hall room 107 at 5 p.m. The leadership team and mentors also work individually with students if they ever need assistance.

The organization not only assists in large aspects of college life such as scheduling, but also smaller tips that make a difference in educational and social experiences. Reed mentions how one thing the organization stresses is the importance of talking to teachers and getting to know them.

Project PULL also begins resumes with students early, helps them set up tutoring, find a job or join an organization.

Students are usually paired with an upperclassman in their major so their mentor can understand how to help on a personal level. Once a student gets past their second semester, they help become a leader in the organization and eventually a mentor.

“I think someone should join because the experiences that you go through, the people that you meet are awesome,” said Reed. “We meet with the vice president. It’s the networking behind Project PULL that helps in the long run. We just want them to know you can come to school and also have fun and be involved on campus while keeping a high GPA.”

Project PULL is part of the Multicultural and International Student Affairs. For more information, visit the office in Mims Hall room 215 or visit the site at