Norris reigns as Queen Le Krewe Mystique De La Capitale XL

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Photo Courtesy of Donalyn Norris
Sophomore nursing major Donalyn Norris proudly stands in a custom made ball gown complete with white lace and Swarovski crystals. Norris also attended Krewe Mystique’s “Grease” themed 40th annual ball this year and has already begun community service projects. 

A member of the Lion nation was crowned as Mardi Gras royalty.

Sophomore nursing major Donalyn Norris and Baton Rouge native won the title of Queen Le Krewe Mystique De La Capitale XL.

According to Norris, members of Krewe Mystique submit applications for approval by the board of directors in order to apply for the chance to compete for the title.

Norris became involved in Le Krewe Mystique by being a member of a competitive dance team. Owner of Cangelosi Dance Project Kris Cangelosi is the Honors Chairwoman of Krewe Mystique and is a previous queen. 

Norris attended the Krewe Mystique’s 40th annual Mardi Gras Ball which took place on Jan. 23. Norris’ mother Tonilyn Guidry served as ball captain this year and one of the captain’s responsibilities is to choose a theme. The theme “Grease” was chosen because it is Norris’ and her mother’s favorite movie.

“It was a regal experience,” said Norris. “After the 10 Debutantes were presented, the king and queen were announced after being kept secret from the public. There were four different call-out dances after the formal dinner and then the party began.”

Norris’ attire included a custom gown fit for royalty courtesy of the Dynasty Collection.

“I had to wear the queen’s collar with a matching cape which is custom made for the Krewe Mystique royalty,” said Norris. “My dress was a white ball gown with gold lace and Swarovski crystals. The collar and cape were white with gold and silver sequin appliques. Also, I have a crown and scepter.”

Although Norris stated that she has had no difficulties upon receiving the title, she does admit to a change in balancing life as a student and being a newly crowned queen.

“Having time management skills was extremely important and planning was vital,” said Norris.

Norris will hold the title of Queen Le Krewe Mystique De La Capitale XL until the 2017 ball where a new queen will be announced.

“As queen, I am responsible for attending krewe functions, outreach programs, social gatherings and always representing Krewe Mystique in a professional and noble manner,” said Norris.

Norris stated that the most rewarding part of being a queen so far has been a visit to the Lake Sherwood Village, a local retirement home where they were having a Mardi Gras celebration.

 “They had their own king, queen, duke and duchess,” said Norris. “After they were announced, we, members of Krewe Mystique and board members of Krewe Mystique, participated in their ceremony and enjoyed a second line dance with the residents. It was such a fun time and I really enjoyed being a part of it.”

Norris’ new title has given her a new appreciation for the Mardi Gras season.

“Being chosen as Queen Mystique XL has given me an opportunity to participate in Louisiana’s rich heritage and traditions,” said Norris.

Now holding the title of Queen Le Krewe Mystique De La Capitale XL, Norris admits that her family and friends were excited for and supported her.

“Krewe Mystique is the oldest parading Mardi Gras Krewe in the Baton Rouge area and it is truly an honor to be chosen to represent them as Queen Mystique XL,” said Norris.