Lions leaving home

Welcome Week began with Move In Mane-ia where freshmen residents were first able to move into their dorms. Zachary Araki/The Lion's Roar

Move In Mane-ia kicked off Welcome Week as students arrived to housing away from home.

Move In Mane-ia began Aug. 13 at 9 a.m. Incoming students picked up their keys in the Student Union Ballroom and moved into campus housing. Dequaz Humphries, a senior and resident assistant for Livingston Hall shared his thoughts on the event.

“It’s just a great way for us to finally interact with our residents for the first time and to give them the initial reaction of us, show them who we are as people and as resident assistants,” said Humphries.




Convenience and distance between home and school factored into the decision of Tyrionne Jones, a freshman psychology major to live on campus.

“It’s too far to commute, and it’s a better vibe,” said Jones. “I can meet more new people”

Anthony Walls, a freshman kinesiology major transferred to the university. A positive experience with living on campus prompted Walls to continue the arrangement at the university.

“I liked the experience of living on campus at my other school, just getting to know people, being in the caf, all that stuff,” said Walls. “It’s just the experience of it.”

Familiar people on campus helped ease the housing transition for Grace Bourg, a freshman biology major. Bourg’s brother also lives on campus.

“I feel really excited ‘cause my friend Shelby has been my friend since fifth grade, and we’re rooming together,” said Bourg. “I feel more comfortable about it with her.”

Friends and families accompanied the incoming students as they furnished their dorm rooms. Rachel Chappetta shared her thoughts on her son moving away from home.

“I’d rather him live on campus,” said Chappetta. “I think he’ll do better in school, feel safer.”

Michelle Williams helped her only daughter move into her dorm room.

“I’m a little sad about it, but I’m also excited,” said Williams. “I think it’s gonna open up doors for new beginnings for her, so it’s mixed emotions.”

Move In Mane-ia gave new residents the opportunity to meet their RA’s. Brianna Carter, a sophomore health system management major is in her first semester as an RA.  

“I decided to become an RA just to be a resource to students, show them that you can build a community through creativity, and just to help them through their four years here,” said Carter.

Anthony Washington, a sophomore computer science major shared his experience becoming the RA for Cardinal Newman Hall.

“I really like it,” said Washington. “I saw how they help other residents in the past, and they do give us scholarships and stuff like that. I just really want to help other people.”

Humphries is in his fifth semester as an RA. He recalled his reasons for first taking the position.  

“It just looked like a tremendous leadership role that I could take on, and it really was gonna connect me more to the university,” said Humphries. “One of the big things I wanted to do when I came to Southeastern was to get connected. I saw what they were doing, and I was like, ‘I want to do this because this looks like an amazing job.’”