Students wind down after the first day of classes

After their first day of classes, students relaxed with free food, bingo, laser tag and a photo booth at CAB After Dark. Zachary Araki/The Lion's Roar

Students relaxed with a night of activities after their first day of classes.

The Campus Activities Board’s CAB After Dark started at 8 p.m. on Aug. 16 in the Student Union Annex. The event attracted students with laser tag, free food, bingo and a photo booth.

“It’s kind of like our big event to start out the year,” said CAB President McKenzie Tolson. “We want people to know what kind of things we do, and it’s the first week of school so everybody’s getting here, getting to know the campus, getting to know things that we offer. It’s really important for us to do it really big. It’s something to do after classes are over. They can come and relax.”




Winners of bingo received bags of groceries. Bingo was the main attraction for Chloe Ryder, a sophomore kinesiology major.

“There was bingo and Cane’s,” said Ryder. “I really love bingo.”

Nikhilesh Chhetri, a freshman computer science major discussed his reasons for attending CAB After Dark.

“First thing, I was bored,” said Chhetri. “I was in my dorm. My friends asked me to come, so I came. Plus, I just wanted to get to know what the Southeastern feeling was.”

Marley Besse, a freshman art education major saw the event as a socializing opportunity.

“I just wanted to get more involved, hopefully make some new friends,” said Besse.

Victoria Savage, a freshman marketing major had a positive experience with her first day of classes.

“It actually went better than what I thought,” said Savage. “I didn’t get lost, wasn’t late. It was pretty good.”

CAB After Dark was first held last year. Tolson discussed the preparation that went into holding the event.

“We have our ideas of what we want to have, and then we have to think about how are all students going to benefit from this,” said Tolson. “It’s not about just one group or what we want to have at events. We really like to hear from the students and if they enjoyed something, having it again like photo booths. People love photo booths because it’s a memento they can keep from each event. Once we figure out what we want at each event, we have to contact people and find out who can come on this day.”

Despite her nervousness, Tolson felt content with the event’s outcome and turnout.

“I was just stressed about everything, but it started and people started showing up,” said Tolson.
“I love just getting to interact with people and tell them, 'Hi,' thank them for coming because we appreciate them coming to our events. We really enjoy getting to do it, and I loved this.”