An explanation of how funds are allocated within the Student Government Association

Zachary Araki

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The Student Government Association President Seth Leto and other SGA members compile a budget from student tuition and fees. Funding is allocated for grants and campus beautification projects. File Photo/The Lion’s Roar

The Student Government Association puts together a budget based on the benefit of students.

Student tuition and fees fund SGA. According to the account activity section of LEONet, $5 goes to SGA capital outlay and $7.50 goes to SGA out of a student’s tuition and fees.

“SGA budgets are designed to fund projects and services that are for the betterment of students,” said SGA President Seth Leto. “The amount given varies depending on student enrollment. Enrollment increases allow for more funds to provide services to students.”

SGA funds grants and items available to students for free such as scantrons, bluebooks and coffee.

“This budget covers student assistantships, which funds travel grants, departmental grants, SGA initiatives, sponsorships and partnerships,” said SGA Director of Financial Affairs Garrett Buras. “It also covers capital outlay, which funds campus beautification projects. Lastly, the budget covers general office needs and expenses.”

Buras discussed changes to the SGA budget.

“This semester, we were successful in scaling back on certain items,” said Buras. “For example, the homecoming budget this year is significantly smaller than recent years prior, but overall, many bills are being passed for smaller amounts than in previous years in an effort to conserve where we can and maximize our funds in other areas.”

SGA holds senate meetings at 5 p.m. on Mondays in Fayard Hall Room 107. Senate meeting agendas and minutes are posted to the SGA website up to Aug. 28.

“Challenges are going to exist when forming a budget because people may have different ideas about how and where to allocate, but that is the great part of the process,” said Leto.

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An explanation of how funds are allocated within the Student Government Association