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‘International Night’ offers opportunity for cultural engagement

Rachel Taylor

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The department of languages and communication is hosting “International Night” on Nov. 13 from 5-7 p.m. Admission is free, and all students are encouraged to attend.

Originally a French-specific event called “Café Théâtre,” it has expanded since its first semester to include multiple languages and cultures. However, Languages and Communication instructor Aileen Mootoo-Robertson explained that one aspect of “International Night” has always remained the same.

“It was always a variety show with food,” said Mootoo-Robertson. “In that respect, it was the same.”

Students can expect to see a show that includes both foreign languages and international students.

“We’re going to have the Panamanian students perform a cultural dance,” said Mootoo-Robertson. “We’re also going to have some singing in various languages, and some instrumental pieces.”

There will also be an opportunity for students to participate in the events towards the end of the night.

“We’re going to have Latin American dancing, and the person who is going to perform is going to engage the crowd and lead them in a dance as well,” said Mootoo-Robertson.

There will be food at the event, free for attendees, provided by Aramark and funded through a Student Government Association grant.

This year’s “International Night” will be incorporating a new experience into the events.

“For all of the participants of study abroad programs, there was a photo contest, and we’re going to announce the winners then,” said Mootoo-Robertson. “This is going on through the Office of International Initiatives.”

“International Night” will be held in Student Union room number 3503.

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