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Harmony social returns to celebrate Halloween

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Recently, the 2nd Annual Halloween Harmony Social was hosted by Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and Sigma Alpha Iota’s Mu Rho Chapter. Profits from the social were used to advance music on campus and in surrounding areas, which are goals of both organizations. A portion of the proceeds also went to Sigma Alpha Iota’s Mu Rho Chapter.

On Thursday, October 22, the event was hosted in the Pottle Music Building from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. and was emceed by Southeastern alumni and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia member Cody Watts and Sigma Alpha Iota’s Mu Rho Chapter member Emily Nodine. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia member Gregory Griffith was the event director. 

“It’s a fantastic event with lots of great energy,” said sophomore communication major Bruce Javery. “Everyone should come because it’s a great way to celebrate Halloween.”

Previously, the Halloween Harmony Social was called the Halloween Harmony Ball and took place on the 3rd floor of the Student Union Ballroom. When the organizations advertised using the term “ball,” people dressed too formal.

“The name was changed to ‘social’ to reflect the idea of a community costume party,” said Watts. “We wanted an event to bring together as many student organizations as possible. We wanted to provide an awesome, fun, harmonious experience.”

Music was provided by KSLU with senior English major Katherine Wall, who returned for the second year.

“It’s one of my favorite things we have on campus,” said Wall. “I love seeing all the organizations get together so I can try to trick them into dancing and being goofy for a night.” 

If you were expecting a night of ghosts, ghouls and goblins, you were in the wrong place. Instead, it was a night of light-hearted costumes, laughter, dancing, friendship and yes, “harmony.”

“We are brother and sister fraternities and sororities,” said Nodine. “Phi Mu Alpha has been donating money and offering help. They backed us up when we [Sigma Alpha Iota] were being chartered, so when they asked for help with the social, we agreed.”

Although the social involved many from the music, dance and theatre community, all were welcome.

“It’s an easily accessible event for people who are scared to get involved on campus,” said Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia President Jarod Hopper. “We’re a very accepting group of people.”

The day before the event, the organizations advertised around campus, using their own twists of “Guerrilla Warfare,” which consisted of members passing out flyers in banana and gorilla costumes.

The costume competition had three categories that consisted of Best Singles Costume, Best Couples Costume and Best Dancer.

The winners of the night were Luke Williamson for Best Singles Costume, Greg Griffith and Megan Walker for Best Couples Costume and Austin Hynes for Best Dancer.

The Halloween Harmony Social was considered a successful night of different groups and people coming together. Watts encourages students to find an organization to get involved with. 

“Joining organizations brings the college experience to another level of growth, friendship, teamwork and learning,” said Watts. “If we didn’t come together as an organization, it wouldn’t be possible.”

For more information of upcoming events, visit the Southeastern homepage, or either of the organizations’ Facebook pages.


The Lion’s Roar / Larshell Green

Senior English major Katherine Wall  returns for the second year as DJ of the social. Wall took a break from the DJ booth, dressed as Bernie Sanders, to bring much laughter to the dance floor.




Students enjoyed an early celebration of Halloween complete with dancing, food and creative costumes.  Junior communication major Miranda Fleig  dances the night away in an Aphrodite costume.


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