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Football team reaches out to community

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The Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center welcomed the Lion football team, cheerleaders, Lionettes and members of the community to Downtown Hammond for an hour of fun and engaging interaction at Lion Cub Fan Day on Friday, August 23.
After being contacted by Erin Cowser, executive director of public and governmental affairs, enthusiasm developed among the staff at the LCDC. Just days away from the first game of the season, the event was planned and executed successfully.
“I love working with Southeastern,” said executive director Anette Kirylo. “We have a lot of interaction with Southeastern students and also with the athletics department. A lot of people have a pre-concept that a children’s museum is only for children. They don’t understand that actually a children’s museum is a place where adults and children need to interact; it’s a combination of both things.”
Members of the team and spirit groups filled the discovery center participating in several activities with children of the community including sports, dancing, educational engagement and arts and crafts. Following the many activities offered students were given the opportunity to sit down with the Lions for pizza.
“We just hope that the kids really enjoyed it,” said Junior quarterback Bryan Bennett. “We want to do everything we can for the community because we know they support us.”
Although many observed excitement among the children, parents and community members were excited to see spirit groups and the team in action beyond Strawberry Stadium. The Lions were happy to be included in the program and show children a fun time.
“This is definitely a really cool place for the kids to come, and I’m just happy that myself and my teammates could come out,” added Bennett. “It was a good time.”
Alyson Delhom, four year veteran of the cheerleading team, expressed enthusiasm after spending quality time with the students and advocating involvement by the spirit groups and children alike.”It’s awesome,” said Delhom. “The kids look like they had a lot of fun. It definitely gets them more involved, and we love being involved in the community.”
Kirylo explains the importance of the relationship between the museum and university and the desire for future programs to continue making a difference in the lives of community members of the Northshore.
“We are the only open and operating children’s museum in the Northshore,” Kirylo said. “So to see Southeastern have that interaction with the children’s museum, but also with the community, is huge. I like that we can make a difference in the life of a child and make a difference in the life of the students that are coming here. Southeastern has had an impact in the discovery center since before the inception. We love our relationship with Southeastern.”
For more information about the Discovery Center and becoming involved through service and volunteer hours, contact Carolyn Schwebel, director of education at 985-340-9150 or [email protected] Interested students may also sign up at or visit the discovery center with a resume and complete an intention to volunteer form.  

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