Upcoming play hosts auditions

Auditions for “Why Are You Nowhere,” a play written by Ethan Warren, will be open for anyone who wants to act. 

This will be the first full staging of the play. Warren is an award winning writer and director. “Why Are You Nowhere” won the 2016-17 Inkslinger Playwriting Competition. The production will be Feb. 14 through Feb. 17, 2017. 

On Tuesday, Nov. 8 from 4 to 7 p.m., auditions will be held in the Vonnie Borden Theatre. 

“Anyone interested in audition can come between four and seven to tryout,” said Chad Winters, an instructor of theatre and the director of the production.

Anyone who is interested, student or not, is welcome to audition. 

“The auditions are open to everyone,” said Winters. “I encourage any student interested to come out, and anyone from the community is welcome too.”




There are nine parts in the play, all needing to be cast.

“All roles are open to be cast,” said Winters. “There are nine parts which are the Grandfather, Grandmother, Mother, Boy, Little Girl, Assistant, Tall Man, Women in Black and Caretaker. The story is full of a lot of fun characters such as the Little Girl who starts the play mute and only speaks with her hands.”

For the audition, individuals are expected to present a monologue to be judged by Winters’ criteria.

“I ask that each person who auditions to present a one to two minute comedic or dramatic monologue,” said Winters. 

People interested in auditioning are expected to commit fully and be available for the rehearsals.

“Auditioning for a show takes a lot of dedication, and there will be a strict schedule we follow,” said Winters. “Anyone who auditions should come prepared with any conflicts they might have and put them on their audition form. That allows the director to know if they will be able to cast you. I wouldn’t let conflicts discourage you from auditioning because there is some flexibility when we know of conflicts in advance.”

For more insight on the play, those interested can pick up a script from Winters.

“Scripts are available to read before the auditions. Come visit my office, Room 136, in D Vickers Hall to get a script,” said Winters.

There will be callbacks before Winters makes his final decision. They will be the following day.

“I will be having callbacks the next day, Nov. 9, from four until I am ready to cast the show,” said Winters.

For more information, contact Winters at [email protected]