A trio of Lions present a variety of works at local ‘Lion Pride’ exhibition

Jordan Hartney, far right, presented work that reflected her inspiration of the environment. 
Annie Goodman/ The Lion's Roar 

The Hammond Regional Arts Center is showcasing three alumni during the month of June.

“I think the ‘Lion Pride’ exhibit is a wonderful reflection of the very talented artists SLU is turning out,” said HRAC Executive Director Katherine Marquette.

The opening reception for “Lion Pride” was held Friday, Jun. 2 from 5-8 p.m. and featured artwork by Elliott Stokes, Jordan Hartney and Lauryn LeBoeuf.




“I began proposing a show at the HRAC last summer attempting to exhibit my Registration series from 2015-16,” said Stokes, one of the featured artists. “In October, November, HRAC put on their CopyCat exhibition in which I submitted a few paintings. During instillation of CopyCat, Katherine proposed the idea to me of doing a group show with Lauryn and Jordan, two of my former colleagues. I obliged.”

Stokes makes abstract artwork and has displayed his art numerous times at HRAC. 

“It’s always a good feeling to exhibit your artwork in venues where you’ve attended many other exhibitions,” said Stokes. “Showing artwork at HRAC is a rite of passage in a way, due to its close alliances with SELU and with the Hammond community. My first time attending a lecture at HRAC, my drawing instructor, Ben Diller, actually used one of my drawings in his lecture, and it blew my mind. Having shown my work independently multiple times at HRAC in the three years that have followed, really makes me think my artwork has come full circle.”

Hartney is inspired by what she sees around her.

“I believe the inspiration for my art comes from my surroundings,” said Hartney, one of the featured artists. “To see our environment and the beauty that surrounds us, is inspiration in its entirety. The connections with everything around us, life and all living things, is the epitome of inspiration.”

Marquette enjoys LeBoeuf’s art and owns two pieces LeBoeuf presented at a show in October of 2016.

“I have been a big fan of Ms. Lauryn LeBeouf’s artwork for a long time,” said Marquette. “Her work is really affordable, which is great. It allows people to collect original art, which is the best. Art should be able to be enjoyed by all, not simply the very wealthy.”

Marquette believes that though the artists have different styles, their works go well together.

“Curating any art show is all about finding artists whose artwork works well next to each other in the space,” said Marquette. “The art styles are really diverse, but still complement each other in some way.”

“Lion Pride” is a show Marquette curated to present the community with works created by local talent.

“I think it’s essential that HRAC strike the perfect balance of displaying talent from within the local community and exposing the community to professional artists working outside as well,” said Marquette. “With this show, it’s a great example of the quality of artists we have in our own back yard, so to speak.”

The Hammond Regional Arts Center presented the  “Lion Pride" exhibit on Friday, Jun. 2 from 5-8 p.m. 
Annie Goodman/ The Lion's Roar

Elliott Stokes' abstract work has been displayed numerous times at the Hammond Regional Arts Center.
Annie Goodman/ The Lion's Roar 

 Lauryn LeBoeuf, left, presented a show in October 2016 at the Hammond Regional Arts Center. 
Annie Goodman/ The Lion's Roar