Students perform in Guitar Ensemble

The Southeastern Guitar Ensemble performed in Pottle Auditorium. Annie Goodman/The Lion's Roar

The university has a variety of ensembles available to students. The Southeastern Guitar Ensemble performed its fall concert this week. Instructor of Guitar and Director of Guitar Ensemble Patrick Kerber explained the importance of having ensembles on university campuses.

“Guitar Ensemble is a relatively new creation to classical music,” said Kerber. “It’s getting to be pretty much common. Any place you go, universities have them, different sizes. There hasn’t been that much written for them, historically speaking. The way orchestra, piano, voice, et cetera, et cetera have had music written for them for centuries now.”

The performance took place on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 7:30 p.m. in Pottle Auditorium.




Freshman music education major Michelle Brister performed as part of the Guitar Ensemble and shared her feelings about the night’s performance.

“I think it was great,” said Brister. “We did our best. We did a great job.”

Brister enjoys being a part of the Guitar Ensemble and feels that the members are like a second family to her.

“In the Guitar Ensemble, we are like a huge family,” said Brister. “We all encourage each other, and when someone mess up, we always help them pick up the pieces.”

Freshman biological sciences major Airelle James attended the performance in support of her girlfriend, who is part of the Guitar Ensemble.

“It was really, really wonderful,” said James. “I didn’t expect it to be that fast paced for such, but it actually ended up being really, really awesome. I enjoyed it.”

For Brister, “Overture” was the most challenging piece of music to learn since she was not used to reading sheet music.

“I spent so much time on that piece,” said Brister. “It was like the hardest piece of all the music. I don’t read music, and this was my first time reading music. So, this was a good experience for me.”

The performance was split into segments where duets, trios and the entire ensemble performed. James’ favorite section was the second trio that performed.

“I would say the second trio where they did that more Hispanic origin part,” said James. “I just like the way it sounds. I really do.”

James believes attending events at the university, such as Guitar Ensemble, is important for all students to experience.

“I think everyone should come support anything that Southeastern does,” said James.