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Do you know what day it is today? Other than it being Tuesday, Oct. 25, calendars on the Internet list several “holidays” to be celebrated. “International Artists Day,” “World Pasta Day,” “Sourest Day” and “Punk For A Day Day,” are only some of them. The bottom line is the United States lists, celebrates, acknowledges and promotes way too many “holidays.” Having a “day” everyday makes national holidays, and the people and things that I prefer to celebrate, seem insignificant. 

 I almost feel bad for the rant that I’m about to go on about “holidays” like this, but this is the opinions section. Some people might have put their blood, sweat and tears into creating days that I do not see the importance of like “Global Handwashing Day.” I try my hardest to be an upbeat and positive person, but seeing that someone created this made me angry. Don’t get me wrong, the idea behind it is good. The campaign was created in order to prevent diseases through washing your hands with soap. Just as a personal preference, I think that people should wash their hands every day, several times a day. 

The other holiday that I noticed recently on social media was “National Boyfriend Day” on Oct. 3. I think people should celebrate their love and relationships, but this should be done on a daily basis, not just for one day. This is coming from the girl whose birthday is on Valentine’s Day and who still believes in love. Come on, should you really celebrate your boyfriend for one day? If your relationship consists of posting ‘I love you’s’ on social media to gauge the interests of others and not daily appreciation, then there is work that needs to be done. 

I’m not saying that everyone shouldn’t celebrate the holidays that they deem important. Who am I to tell you what should be important to you? I ask you to truly consider what is important to you. Should there really be a “Wear Brown Shoes Day” or a “Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day?” Think about the things and the people you are thankful for and show appreciation often. Don’t even get caught up on monetary gifts that we often exchange for birthdays or Christmas. Every day is a new journey that you get to take, so don’t get caught up on labeling days of importance.

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