Getting involved pays off in the long run

Involvement Fair File Photo.

Last year, students browsed through the organizations. This year’s Get the Scoop Involvement Fair will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 24 noon-2 p.m. outside the Student Union near the fountain. Students will be able to meet with several organizations and departments throughout campus to find useful resources and plan for upcoming events.
The Lion's Roar/File Photo

Like other Traditions’ events, the Get the Scoop Involvement Fair was postponed following the flood that swept through the Hammond area.

“We postponed the Involvement Fair to correspond with the new fall start date in order to reach out to both residential students and commuter students,” said Director of Student Engagement Pamela Rault.  “We were also contacted by a few organizations asking to postpone the Involvement Fair because of their personal situation with the flooding.”

According to Rault, the fair was created to inform and provide residential and commuter students information on the many resources campus has to offer.

“If we are able to reach out to even a small amount of students who wish to get more information about how to get involved on campus and help them feel more connected to Southeastern, I feel we have reached our goal,” said Rault.

Get the Scoop Involvement Fair will give students the opportunity to meet organizations and departments. Representatives from their respective organizations will be given the opportunity to learn more about their services offered and events planned for the upcoming semester.

Joining an organization and getting involved can improve one’s networking skills and their interpersonal growth.

“Involved students who have a high degree of interaction with the campus community have more opportunities for growth and personal development in comparison to a student who does not get involved,” said Rault. 

In addition to adding to an “enhanced collegiate experience,” Rault states that actively joining an organization is also a résumé booster when being reviewed by employers.

“Additionally, the transferable skills obtained from working with organizations and getting involved on campus are invaluable and are exactly what employers look for when hiring new employees,” said Rault.

There are nearly thirty organizations and departments currently registered for the fair.

Get the Scoop Involvement Fair will take place tomorrow, Aug. 24, noon to 2 p.m. outside the Student Union near the fountain.

All students are encouraged to attend, browse the fair and find their niche on campus beyond just classes and lectures. In addition to the information given, Student Government Association and the Division for Student Affairs’ Ambassadors will be distributing ice cream.