Philanthropy Week continues through Thursday

The university is currently in the midst of Philanthropy Week, a four-day event created with the intent of promoting the spirit of giving and raising awareness of campus activities.

Philanthropy Week is a nation-wide event which the university decided to participate in on campus, including many of the normal events meant to give back to the school, students and others in the community.

From Nov. 7-10, the events will include a blood drive, door prizes, the chance to write Thank You notes to active military and veterans, a black light volleyball tournament, a hamburger and hotdog cookout and an “Anything But Cans” Food Drive.

The food drive will be held Thursday and will directly benefit the Southeastern Food Pantry.

“We’re asking students to donate anything but cans,” said Olivia Habetz, student philanthropy coordinator. “We have so many cans already and students often take things like fruit cups, granola bars, popcorn and peanut butter, not canned foods. We also accept school supplies, shampoo, soap and other little things some students don’t have the luxury of having.”

The Lion Legacy Association has three philanthropic initiatives altogether and are mainly promoted through Grad Fair and the food pantry. Lion Legacy Association volunteers will be assisting with activities during the week and interested students are always invited to sign up.

“I actually found out about it through one of my professors,” said junior student worker Brooke Robichaux. “He told me that they were looking for some students to help out with fliers, the food pantry and all that. That was a few weeks ago and well, here I am.”

Robichaux explained that not only does she feel it is important work being done, but that she is happy to participate.

“I really enjoy it,” said Robichaux. “We’ve got a small team over here, so it’s kind of personal, and we do a lot of good. I’m just really happy to participate.”

One of the programs included in Philanthropy Week is “Phil” the Pig and the Green Piggy Bank Campaign. All the change collected with the green “Little Phil” banks given out to students will go directly to help fund the student food pantry.

Lynn Horgan, director of corporate individual and foundation relations for the Southeastern Foundation, encourages students to donate whatever they can and talked about how philanthropy week at the university isn’t just about benefiting the school, but also to help out the community.

“The theory is that if students can see the benefit of what giving can do for their school while they are students, they will continue to give long after graduation,” said Horgan.

Philanthropy week is mainly directed towards getting students involved and to help them have a way to give to organizations they feel are especially important.

“We want them to be aware that there is a whole week of giving and opportunities planned, and that they can give back to whatever initiatives inspire them with a goal of creating a rewarding program for Southeastern students, now and in the future,” said Vice President of University Advancement Malayne Sharp. 

For additional information on Philanthropy Week and other opportunities, contact [email protected] or call 985-549-2239.