Press Club trivia tournament offers midsemester break for students

Fans of sports bar trivia can put their university knowledge to the test at Press Club’s Trivia Game Night event. 

On Wednesday, Mar. 29, Press Club will be hosting a trivia tournament and game night in Room 2207 of the Student Union, above the bookstore.

Each attendee will be charged $5 admission. However, if students register as a group of five, it will only cost the group $20 total. Only five people are permitted per group. 

The primary game played will be a sports bar inspired trivia tournament, but those who don’t feel up to the challenge will have the option to play board or card games in a separate room. Snacks and drinks will be provided in a reception room where attendees can socialize between rounds of trivia.

The trivia will consist of individuals and groups writing and submitting their answers to traditional sports bar trivia styled questions. The correct answers will be added up at the end of the tournament and the winner will be announced. 

“The night is going to be a chance for students to compete with their friends and show off their knowledge of trivia that will actually include questions about Southeastern,” said senior communication major and President of Press Club Connor Raborn. “So, attendees will actually be able to brag on how much they know about their school compared to their friends.”

The Press Club has seen a massive growth in involvement this semester as participation in a school organization is a requirement for Comm 102 students.

“I’m really happy with how this event has come together,” said Raborn. “I have the members who are in Comm 102 to thank for that. This class requires students to join a communication department student organization or local agency to gain practical experience in communication work, and we have a very large group of them that have joined Press Club this semester. The amount of members that we have has allowed me to delegate fundraiser responsibilities in a way that I haven’t been able to before, and this group of Comm 102 students has been willing from the beginning to step forward and take a lot of responsibility.”

The participation of these new members has enabled the club to have a broader influence on the campus community and is credited with the success of this event.

“Trivia Game Night wouldn’t be what it’s going to be without their involvement,” said Raborn. “It’s made this the easiest fundraiser I’ve planned since I’ve been a Press Club officer.”

Proceeds from this event will go towards Press Club’s projects and help recuperate the funds from their recent conference.

“Press Club just attended the Southeast Journalism Conference last month, which is our biggest event of the calendar year, so it’s also where we spend the most money each year,” said Raborn. “This fundraiser will hopefully help us raise enough to fund our next couple of projects.” 

Raborn hopes this event will build a sense of camaraderie amongst students and encourage others to become involved in Press Club.

“I think that attending events like this strengthens students’ friendship,” said Raborn. “Our plan for this tournament was at least partially inspired by the fact that a lot of us in Press Club often have a lot of fun grouping up and going to play trivia together.”