Orientation leaders welcome incoming students during summer

Each summer the university offers a two-day orientation to help students prepare for their first semester of college.

This summer, six orientations were held where over 400 students per orientation would visit the university’s campus for tours, scheduling, activities and acclimating to college life. To help the incoming students, the university’s orientation leaders, who are college students themselves, led the new students through their daily activities. The orientation leaders are there to be role models for the incoming freshmen. Daryl Julien, a junior communication major and orientation leader explained what the job of an orientation leader entails.

“We’re expected to be the people the incoming freshmen would come to when asking questions, and be able to get familiar with the university,” said Julien.  “We were the incoming freshmens’ first interaction on campus. We were expected to have fun and enjoy being orientation leaders and representing what we love and that’s Southeastern.”

Julien decided to become an orientation leader to be a positive role model in the lives of incoming freshmen and help them get excited about college and their new home away from home. Orientation leaders help with the transition to college life by helping students register for class, answering questions about college life and more. Brian Williams, a sophomore communication major and orientation leader describes how he felt this summer’s orientations went. 

“I think the summer orientations went great,” said Williams. “The energy was definitely there, and knowing that I helped future lions be excited to attend the school I love made the entire experience perfect.” 

What makes summer orientation different from fall and spring tours is that in the fall and spring they mainly focus on scheduling while summer orientations allow the orientation leaders to get incoming students excited about college. With games, a spirit competition, the option to sleep in dorms, a chance to look at campus organizations and the newly added late-night portion of the program with a DJ and laser tag, summer orientations prepare incoming students not just for their classes but for college life. Orientation leader Taryn Arcement, a sophomore marketing major believes these summer orientations are beneficial to students. 

“There is so much information that is given in our two-day program of orientation that is vital for them to know before coming to college,” said Arcement. “For example, we show them around, and we give them the resources to answer any possible questions they may have now or in the future.” 

Orientation was put in place to make the stressful transition into college life as stress free as possible for incoming students by employing trusted and knowledgeable lions with leadership skills to lend guidance in this new chapter of the incoming students’ lives.