University rings are a symbol of graduates’ collegiate career

Students order graduation rings in time to participate in the Ring Ceremony. Balfour, the official company of the university’s graduation rings, was stationed Aug. 22-24 in the University Bookstore for students to order rings in time to participate in the Ring Ceremony on Nov. 29, which is an optional event for graduates. Sarah Hess/The Lion’s Roar

Balfour offers many styles of rings for both men and women. They even offer a graduation pendent that can be engraved. Sindy Clarkson, a representative for Balfour explains the different styles offered to students. 

“Since they are an official ring, the rings are designed so that the ladies’ rings are three styles,” said Clarkson. “They have the Signature Style, the Highlight Style and the Lady Legend. The men’s, you have the medium or large width on the Traditional Style, which has the green stone and then you have the Legend, which has the flat green stone on it.” 

Clarkson also states which styles of rings were the most popular for students to purchase during their tabling in the University Bookstore. 

“The ladies’ is the Highlight and for the males, it’s a toss-up, but usually it’s the medium-width tradition ring,” said Clarkson. 

During the four days Balfour was on campus, many students ordered graduation rings. Clarkson states that there were over 90 rings ordered. Students can order graduation rings from Balfour at any time during the semester, but Aug. 24 was the last day for students to order rings and have them made in time to participate in the Ring Ceremony. The Alumni Association hosts the Ring Ceremony where participating students and alumni are presented their rings. Senior accounting major Ian Squires ordered his ring during the Balfour tabling and will be participating in the Ring Ceremony.

“I’m definitely excited for it,” said Squires. “I think a lot of people are like, ‘Man, I don’t want to go to graduation I just want to get my certificate and leave,’ but you know after four years of hard work, I want the pomp and circumstance, the cards, the pictures, the ring, the whole shebang.”

Squires decided to purchase his ring as a symbol of his time and growth at the university.

“I decided to buy a ring because, you know, I spent four years in school and have gone through a lot, made a lot of friends, and I think it’s a really good symbol of the things that I’ve gone through and the person I’ve become,” said Squires.

The graduation rings are customized for the graduate buying them. With many engravings relating to their major and time at the university, all of these personalizations begin to add up price wise. The Balfour rings include a payment plan, which is beneficial to students since some rings can cost up to $500. Squires tells how he decided to purchase a ring.  

“Southeastern means a lot to me, and I feel like it’s home,” said Squires. “I feel like I’ve always wanted to come here, and it’s been a long journey to get here so I think that justifies it for me. I think it would be something cool to wear to an interview or even coming back to on-campus events.” 

Junior management major Katy Maddern sees the graduation ring as a symbol of her efforts at the university. 

“I’ve worked hard, so it’s nice to have the keepsake,” said Maddern. 

The college graduation ring is a symbol of a student’s efforts and journey during their collegiate career and a keepsake of one’s college days. The Ring Ceremony will take place on Nov. 29 in the Student Union Theater to help show off the sentimental significance behind these graduation rings.