New homecoming tradition

Homecoming Week ushered in some new traditions to get students involved in homecoming festivities. The Student Government Association created a new social media event, spanning from Oct. 2 through Oct. 5, called the “Landmark Hunt.”

The idea for the “Landmark Hunt” came from an idea used during the spring semester Greek Week.

“The community, we were just speaking about it, just to figure out a different way to get people more involved than just the regular competitions, we were looking to update, just improve Homecoming Week,” said Chief of Staff Neil Bourgeois. “We thought about during Greek Week how we spell out Greek during the week so we thought it was something different to do for all students, not just Greek life. That’s kind of how it came about.”

In order to coordinate the event, SGA gathered locations on campus to include in the hunt.

“The prep that went into it was selecting which landmarks we were going to use, taking pictures of them, and coordinating with the SGA’s social media team,” said Director of Traditions Hannah Fork.

SGA organized the event through their Instagram account.

“Each day, the SGA Instagram account posted a close-up of a landmark on Southeastern’s campus,” said Fork. “The teams can go around campus to find that landmark, take a selfie then send it to the SGA Homecoming email to earn a point for the week.”

The committee that organized the event chose locations they hoped would showcase places on campus not often seen.

“The community just sat around and said which were some cool and different landmarks on campus that we would like to highlight,” said Bourgeois. “Maybe some that students don’t always get to see.”

Fork explained that almost every team sent in a selfie to the SGA homecoming email with an incentive.

“Each day the team participates, they earn one point to go towards winning Homecoming Week,” said Fork.

Bourgeois believes the event went smoothly.

“I think it went really well,” said Bourgeois. “We got a lot of submissions in from students. It’s just another way to keep them involved in the week. And another way from them to get involved if they’re in organizations. But it was a good way to get points, more teams to get that healthy competition up, I think.”

The “Landmark Hunt” encouraged students to engage in Homecoming Week.

“It engages students by having them think of the landmarks on campus then going find them,” said Fork. “I feel like it helps acknowledge the unique things on Southeastern’s campus.”