Honors students recognized for their outstanding performances

Senior occupational safety, health and management major Daniel Cuevas recieves an award from Director of the Honors Program Dr. Claire Procopio during the "Honors Recognition Ceremony." The Honors Program organized the ceremony to honor students with outstanding peformances. Prakriti Adhikari/The Lion's Roar

The university Honors Program organized the “Honors Recognition Ceremony” to celebrate honors students and their achievements.

The award ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 1 at 4:30 p.m. in the Student Union Theatre.

The program awarded nine freshmen with Honors Freshman Finalist of the Year. Sophomore psychology major Anna Crawford and sophomore management major Regina Pergola were the sophomore honors distinction recipients. Honors Research Scholar was presented to computer science major Andrew Sievers, and Professor of English Dr. Richard Louth was honored with Honors Professor of the Year 2017-2018. The members of the Thirteen Club and nine graduating seniors were also honored for their outstanding performances and involvement in extra activities. 

Director of the Honors Program Dr. Claire Procopio feels that the award ceremony inspires students to perform better academically.

“My hope is that it builds camaraderie among honors students, that it gives them something to strive for academically and that it inspires other students to wanna do their best academically as well,” said Procopio.

Senior kinesiology major Callie Lambert was proud to have completed the Honors Program.

“It feels like such a great accomplishment ‘cause you put so much work into it,” said Lambert. “You sign up for the Honors Program as a freshman. So, it’s a four-year commitment, and just be able to finish and be recognized and see how much everyone was supporting you is a great feeling. I believe the Honors Program was a great fit for me.”

Procopio was proud of her students’ dedication.

“Their dedication to their studies and their willingness to persevere when the going gets tough will serve them well throughout their lives,” said Procopio. “Those same qualities serve the university well too. These students stand out as beacons to other students and would-be scholars. They illuminate the path to success for others. They inspire studiousness and wholesome ambition.” 

Member of the Thirteen Club and senior elementary education grades 1-5 major Shannon Thornton feels “blessed and honored to be awarded.”

Lambert explained the benefits of being an honors student.

“For freshman and sophomore year in the Honors Program, you are offered honors courses,” said Lambert. “So, biology course that will normally have around 80 people, I had 20 people in my class, and my professor knew my name. We had seminar type lectures for English. It was more of a one-on-one kind of relationship with all of your professors. Everyone involved with the Honors Program just cares so much. They put so much into it, and it’s a very intimate relationship, and you get to know them so well.”

Freshman physics major Fawaz Adesina was one of the finalists for the Honors Freshman of the Year. He feels being a part of the honors program gives him an exclusive opportunity as a student.

“Being a part of the honors feels really good,” said Adesina. “You are a part of that exclusive club in university. Being a part of the small group and having access to honors facilities, smaller class size and having opportunities to go to conferences is really good.”