‘Team Action’ sweeps Greek Week

The Greek community stretched its muscles as the Greek Step Show ended the week of activities with a bang.
 To close out the week of philanthropy, there was the tradition of the Greek Step Show, emphasizing teamwork and community.
The fun and exciting event brought the Greek letter organizations together, and they put on a show for their peers. The theme this year was “Now Showing,” and the Order of Omega put in many long hours to make the step show a success.
They were divided into five teams with names of different movie genres: action, family, horror and comedy. According to Beth Newell, assistant director for student engagement it was a tough choice. They were all so “impressive,” Newell said.
First place in the step show went to “Team Action”: Alpha Sigma Tau, Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha and Kappa Alpha Psi. Their fast paced, hip-hop routine to a mix of action movie songs from “James Bond: 007” to “G.I. Joe” got them the top spot. To get everyone on the same beat was a challenge the team took to heart.
“I’m a hip-hop dancer,” said Kendrick Griffin, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, “so it was easy to come up with the choreography. We watched some movies to get ideas for military choreography.”
The win resulted from the teams’ cooperation. There was a certain action-packed scene including kicks, ducks, turns and punches, so making sure everyone made their cue took hours of practice.
“I’m so excited we won,” said Griffin. “We stayed up until almost 4 or 5 in the morning practicing the moves, and it really paid off.”
Second place in the step show went to “Team Comedy”: Theta Phi Alpha, Theta Xi and Alpha Phi Alpha and third place went to “Team Horror”: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Sigma and Sigma Gamma Rho.
At the end of the show, the overall winners were announced. First place was awarded to “Team Action” with 28 points, second place to “Team Comedy” with 21 points and third place to “Team Romance” with 17 points.