Sever co-edits snake evolution book

A Southeastern Louisiana University snake specialist has co-edited a comprehensive text on the evolution and reproductive biology of snakes.

David M. Sever, head of the Department of Biological Sciences, co-edited the book “Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Snakes” with Robert D. Aldridge of St. Louis University. The book is the ninth volume in a series on reproductive biology and evolution of a wide variety of animals.

Published by CRC Press, a publisher of scientific and technical works, the book contains a number of chapters authored or co-authored by Southeastern biologists, including Brian Crother, Mary E. White, graduate student Justin L. Rheubert, and Sever.

“While the book was written primarily for scientists and advanced students, anyone with an interest in snakes would find much to learn from it,” Sever said. “With 17 chapters, the book is profusely illustrated, and many of the illustrations are in color.

A widely recognized herpetologist, Sever is the recipient of a $230,000 grant awarded in 2008 by the National Science Foundation to study the development of male sexual characteristics in snakes and lizards.

– Courtesy of Pubic Info