Car lovers create Web site

As the increased interest in automobiles among today’s youth has prevailed, many students and other assorted youth are looking for outlets and networks to talk about their favorite car, truck or motorcycle.

But in Feb. 2011, three Southeastern Louisiana University students, Luke Cibilich, Anthony Tesvich and Matt Zuvich decided to go above and beyond and create a web site specifically geared for showing vehicles seen in and around Southeastern’s campus.

“It was first thought of after we took notice of some of the nicer cars on campus,” said Tesvich. “We thought that students would like to visit a web site that featured the vehicles of fellow students, allowing them to take a more in depth look at the details of the car, truck or bike.”

The Web site,, shows one featured vehicle per week, aptly named “TooQuick’s Whip of the Week.” The first “Whip of the Week” honor was given to Cibilich’s GMC Sierra Classic.

Though the web site features a vehicle found on Southeastern’s campus, it is not officially affiliated with Southeastern, which prevents Zuvich, Tesvich and Cibilich from posting flyers and advertising around campus.

“We think that affiliation would benefit our site by increasing the amount of visitors and giving students confidence in working with us,” said Tesvich.

For the university’s side, Tesvich cited that it would ignite a network of other students who share a common interest in automobiles.

“We think it would help the university by attracting potential students that share an interest in automobiles,” said Tesvich.

Aside from the appeal, the web site faces few obstacles and has already found minor success, garnering 123 “likes” on in just over one month since its inception.

Another problem that crossed the minds of the founders was the possible shortage of vehicles to feature in the “Whip of the Week.”

“We don’t think that running out of cars will be a problem due to the large amount of students and the fact that there are more incoming students every semester,” said Tesvich.

The founders would like it to be known that they are interested in featuring all types of vehicles.

“We would like the readers to know that they can visit our we site and like our Facebook page at,” said Tesvich. “We would also like the readers to know that we are interested in featuring all types of vehicles and submissions can be emailed to [email protected]”