Student pay becomes bi-weekly

After years of waiting until the beginning of each month to receive a paycheck, student workers will now be paid bi-weekly with the use of new timekeeping software, “Time and Labor.”
The module is part of PeopleSoft software, which can be accessed through LEOnet; therefore the change was made free of charge. The transition was initiated on Sept. 29, allowing student workers to receive their first bi-weekly paycheck on Oct. 18. According to Janet Rester, payroll director, the switch was enacted as a result of student demand.
“Feedback was solicited from various departments on campus, including SGA, and the students indicated strong support to move to a bi-weekly method of pay,” said Rester. “Our current timekeeping system, ‘TimeCentre,’ is 13 years old and has not been supported by the vendor for several years. ‘Time and Labor’ can be used with any web browsers.”
Students will be required to clock in differently, though it will vary by department.
“Students will punch using either the new biometric clocks or the web clocks,” said Rester. “To clock-in using the web clock, the student must first log into their LEOnet account using their ‘W’ number. If they have any questions about clocking they may contact their department Timekeeper or the Payroll Office.”  
Several students expressed excitement for the new change. Many agree the new bi-weekly paychecks will be more convenient for spending, saving, paying bills and overall financial management.
“It’s going to be way better getting paid twice a week than once a month. It’ll be easier to manage my money,” said Caitlin McHodgkins, a student worker for the Office of Disability Services. “I’ll be able to pay my bills faster than I have in the past months.”
With the recent change in the delivery of student refunds, Rester hopes students will not get the two changes confused.
“With the partnership with Higher One for student refunds occurring at the same time, students need to be aware that their payroll direct deposit will still be maintained by the Payroll Office until the conversion of pay to Higher One,” said Rester.
The transition to “Time and Labor” timekeeping software is one campus-wide change that has earned continued positive response.  
“It’s a more convenient method because it allows our earning to be dispersed quicker,” said Matthew Krumm, a student worker in the Office of Admissions. “It is also a positive effort that should make other student workers happier.”
For more information, contact the Payroll Office at 985-549-3801 or e-mail [email protected] The Lion’s Roar will publish an online story detailing the impact of using Higher One to manage student payroll on Wednesday, Oct. 16. Look for it on Facebook and Twitter.