New Year Goals

With grey skies and cloudy days, fireworks and New Year cliches, January brings with it a bittersweet feeling.

To me, going into the spring semester brings with it the same feeling as beginnings and youth and New York City. A feeling I can only think to describe as an empty hope – anything is possible because you have nothing.

My spring semester is going to be filled with new experiences and responsibilities, and honestly, I am nervous about balancing it all.

I anticipate the times ahead to be unfamiliar, strange and challenging yet marvelous. I will continue to work towards my goals of increasing connections with the community and providing high quality content more pertinent to a college readership. With the help of my staff, I hope 2019 will bring the best “The Lion’s Roar” yet.

-Annie J. Goodman, Editor-in-Chief

I want to . . .

get a 4.0 for at least one semester learn 50 new songs on bass guitar read at least 10 books by choice ”




— Jacob Summerville, Staff Reporter


figure out a life plan beyond my career get back into reading be braver”

— Zachary Araki, A&E Reporter

concentrate on studies and grades spend less time on social media get more involved in physical exercise”

— Prakriti Adhikari, Staff Reporter


read at least 10 books this year work out 2-3 times every week get at least a 3.5 GPA”

— Madeline Cancienne, Staff Reporter

drink more water and less soda eat more veggies go to bed earlier”

— Gerard Borne, Staff Reporter


please God in my conduct and work be much more organized find and join a research project”

— Maiah Woodring, Staff Reporter

start writing a book be healthy and not get winded after a two-minute walk take a stand for something I strongly believe in by protesting or giving up something I really enjoy for a greater purpose”

— Diamond Hollins, Staff Reporter


become a well-rounded, self-sufficient, young woman who can live on her own without the help of others overcome the allergies my new cat gives me so I can give him the love he deserves save enough money to start paying off a new car note”

— Breanna Rexwinkle, Staff Reporter