Students start the semester with rain, games and refreshments


Zachary Araki

The Campus Activities Board set up an inflatable snow globe for people to take pictures in at “Snow Good to See You Again!” in the Student Union Breezeway. The kickoff to the spring semester also included games, prizes, cookies and hot chocolate.

With the first day of spring semester classes, Campus Activities Board aimed to create a welcoming campus environment with cookies, hot chocolate, games, prizes and an inflatable snow globe.

“It was meant to be an event where students can walk through as they pass through the breezeway on the way to class, and that’s what it’s doing,” explained Katlyn Daigle, operations manager for CAB. “It just provides them a stop and refreshments on their way to class.”

CAB held “Snow Good to See You Again!” in the Student Union Breezeway from 2-5 p.m.

Vinace Malone, a freshman kinesiology major, enjoyed the games and prizes.

“We were walking around, just got out of class not too long ago, and we just came across this event,” said Malone. “I think it’s going pretty well actually. I actually like it. I won a cup, so I’m happy.”

After seeing the event on Instagram, Alyssa D’Agostino, a freshman communication major, decided to stop by on the rainy day.

“It’s really cute, and I love it,” shared D’Agostino. “It’s actually probably one of my favorite snow events. There’s more activities that you can do I think that are reaching out to us rather than just making us spin a wheel.”