Ring sales begin this week in bookstore


Representatives from Balfour featured class rings to students in the bookstore on Jan. 28-29. If students were not able to visit in person, they can order their class rings through the Balfour website. Diamond Hollins/The Lion’s Roar

Balfour company provides rings and an amulet that represents the university to students so they can remember their time at the university.

On Jan. 28-29 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Joni Nezat and Maureen O’Dwyer set up and manned a table in the University Bookstore where they sold university rings to students who are anticipating the “Ring Ceremony,” which is to be held on May 8.

Of the rings that were being sold, there was a variety of options for students. Males have two style options, and females have three style options for rings.

Nezat explained the benefits of students choosing rings in person rather than only online.

“If you come here to get your ring, not only can you be sized correctly, but you never know if you will really like something unless you see it in real life, and coming here gives students an opportunity to see what the ring looks like in person,” stated Nezat. “Those options aren’t really available to you if you’re just shopping on the website.”

O’Dwyer felt honored to be selling rings to students.

“We are really excited about giving out rings to students because it is an official ring that represents their achievements,” explained O’Dwyer. “It is really an honor to see these students have reached their goals. I love them, and I am happy to see them going off to pursue their careers and be wonderful assets to the world.”

According to Nezat, the rings also represent a campus tradition she feels is essential.

Nezat described the importance of seniors getting rings that represent the university.

“I feel that after students graduate, these rings represent a bond that they will always have with the university, and they will always be tied to this school in some way,” relayed Nezat. “Like I always tell people, high school rings are a memory. College rings are an accomplishment.”

With her accumulated experience, O’Dwyer’s excitement for graduating students never fails.

“I have been a teacher for 40 years, and it is always interesting and lovely to see students going on that path of success and working to attain the things they want in life.”

Ring sales will continue on March 12-13 in the University Bookstore in anticipation of “Grad Fair.”

To order a class ring online visit www.balfour.com.