Being involved on campus

While college offers opportunities to make connections, further education and figure out an identity, students’ experiences may depend on how much effort each student dedicates. 

For some people, college involves going to school and going back home. For others, it is where relationships are cultivated and lifelong skills that are used in the workplace and the community are learned.

Nicole Redmond, student membership manager of the Campus Activities Board, believes that being involved on campus can better one’s college experience.

“It helps you manage everything,” shared Redmond. “So, if there’s anything to get out of it, it’s definitely better grades and better time management skills and learning how to manage everything so we can bring that past just having a 4.0 in college.”

Being involved on campus can also translate into the real world.

Redmond stated, “You can bring it to the real world of, ‘Oh, at this job I can do this and this,’ instead of being like, ‘Oh, I’ve never really had to juggle this many things at once,’ but when you’re in college and you’re in multiple clubs and also taking a full course load, that gives you a little bit under your belt.”

Besides CAB, Redmond found that Greek life can serve as another conduit for involvement.

“That’s definitely a popular way to get involved,” said Redmond. “Whether it be Collegiate Panhellenic Council or Interfraternity Council, they have unique organizations that have people of all kinds and different personalities that can come in and find their own little home and find ways to become a student leader.”

Redmond enjoys seeing CAB become increasingly more popular among students on campus.

“This is a fun way to plan fun events on campus, kind of make other people’s student life more enjoyable even if they aren’t involved on campus and just make them going to class and passing by and grabbing a donut more fun,” stated Redmond.

CAB encourages students to get involved on campus through its activities. Students can also submit their ideas for future events to expand their creativity and organizational skills.

“We have a lot of creativity that goes into CAB,” explained Redmond. “So, even if you don’t work for CAB, and you’re a committee member, we ask for their ideas for future events. We do that so that we can reach all kinds of students and every personality possible. So, we love when they bring their ideas, and it gives them an opportunity to be more creative and come up with new ideas whether it is a game at a big event or a whole event.”

With different clubs on campus, Redmond believes there is a group for anyone.

“There’s definitely not a lack of ways to get involved at Southeastern whether it be your major, sorority or here just like CAB,” said Redmond.