Helping administrative assistants


Shaelyn Martinez/The Lion's Roar

Administrative assistants gathered in the University Center for “Pride Power Hour.” The event, organized by the Human Resources Office, aimed to foster discussions about helping administrative assistants in their jobs.

The Human Resources Office invited administrative assistants from across campus to discuss ways to make their jobs easier.

“Pride Power Hour” was held on March 26 in the University Center room 133 at 10 a.m.

Tara Dupre, director of the Human Resources Office, organized the event to serve the administrative assistants on campus.

“Since they do a lot of work that touches other departments, specifically human resources, we want to bring them together and give them guidance on how to do their job easier,” said Dupre.

Since starting as an administrative assistant herself, Dupre explained how the event developed.

“When I worked my way up the chain, I said, ‘We need this,’ and so along with the help of my staff, we designed this, and we try to do it quarterly,” explained Dupre.

Dupre believes “Pride Power Hour” was affective in helping the administrative assistants.

“I think that they are more comfortable with what they need to do and they would not mind picking up the phone and calling us and saying that they need help,” shared Dupre. “They are a key part of our university, and making them understand the processes so that they can make it easier on the administration and on their faculty is important.”