Social media offers platform to influence


Instagram influencers have evolved into their own community over the past years, getting more popular by the post. Hammond bloggers share why they chose to be an influencer and how it has shaped them.

Instagram has been a popular social media outlet for many years, allowing many to rise to fame from it. The start of Instagram did not always include these influencers, Overtime, Instagram influencers reached popularity, and are shaping the lives of users. whether it’s through sponsorships, how-tos and broadcasting their day-to-day lives for people across the world to see, people are getting famous.

An article titled “What are Social Media Influencers? Are They Friends or Foes?” written by Delfina Forstmann, a content specialist and copywriter explores the growing industry of influencers.

According to Forstmann, “70% of teens trust influencers more and six in 10 teens follow the advice of their favorite influencers over celebritie.”

Brooke Chiro, social media blogger, has influenced many with her Instagram posts and discussed how she found her passion through Instagram.

“There was never a moment where I decided to become an Instagram blogger,” stated Chiro. “It kind of just happened for me and I love it. Fashion is a very big part of my life and being able to express myself with fashion on Instagram has always been fun for me.”

Many of these influencers focus on blogging, fashion, parenting and other lifestyle type posts. There is also a lot of time and preparation that goes on behind the scenes.

Alexx Whitehead, creator of the gracecoveredcurves account on Instagram, discussed what being a social media influencer entails.

“It is definitely work for sure,” stated Whitehead. “It takes a lot of time to make sure you have a good quality of posts, photos and content.”

Instagram influencers have the ability to connect with followers and reach many social media users with their posts. This gives influencers a platform to be able to make an impact on social media.

Allie Ridgell explained her goals in being an Instagram influencer and how she connects with her audience.

“My goal is for someone to relate to my words and know that in the midst of whatever gets thrown their way, someone else is walking with them and cheering them on,” shared Ridgell. “I love the idea of celebration, and I think it’s one of the biggest things our world is missing out on.”