OSE breakdown: Multicultural and International Student Affairs


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University Housing offers residents an option to sign a roommate agreement designed to reduce possible conflicts between roommates.

The Office of Student Engagement has a separate branch that helps students from diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities .

OSE works with a mission to strengthen diversity across campus through an organization called Multicultural and International Student Affairs.

Claudio Franc, a graduate student and a student-worker for MISA, described the structure of MISA and what he does for the organization.

“MISA is divided up into two separate branches with Multicultural Affairs and the National Pan-Hellenic Council,” said Franc. “My job role as a graduate student is basically running the Food Pantry. I do different food drives throughout the year for the community. On top of that, I also help with international students in getting them ready for college and helping with anything they need.”

Franc described some of the events that MISA hosts throughout the school year.

“We just hosted the ‘Longest Table’ event where we gave students a free lunch, and they got to sit down with each other and talk about anything they wanted to,” said Franc. “We also just previously hosted the ‘Block Party’ in which students came out and got to relax before the start of the semester.”

Franc feels the office brings inclusion in diversity and feels it to be the vital component of the university.

“It’s an awesome organization that helps the university refocus on diversity and culture,” shared Franc. “Oftentimes, universities will push those sorts of things to the side, but we help bring and instill that diversity into the university.”

MISA also oversees other organizations like E.L.I.T.E. Women, M.A.D.E. Men and Project P.U.L.L.

Mattie Hawkins, a graduate student and a student-worker for MISA, shared what her role is within the organization.

“I help to put on inclusive and intentional programming events,” explained Hawkins. “I work with all multicultural organizations. Those organizations include NAACP, BSU, ISU, E.L.I.T.E. Women, M.A.D.E. Men, Gospel Choir, Flipside, all eight NPHC organizations and Project P.U.L.L. I also help co-advise NPHC and Project P.U.L.L. I make sure these organizations are up to date with communications about upcoming events, networking and leadership development opportunities.”

Hawkins explained what changes MISA has made in the past few semesters.

“In the past two years, MISA has implemented more programming that is inclusive and intentional,” shared Hawkins. “We put on events that target more than our required areas. Our events aren’t just fun but educational. We are shifting to more a diverse and inclusive way of programming. Be on the lookout for the great events we have coming up.”

Hawkins was involved on campus while being an undergraduate student.

“I attended Southeastern in undergrad,” stated Hawkins. “In undergrad, I was a pretty active student on campus. I was involved in Greek Life and other organizations like Project P.U.L.L. and NAACP I actually worked for MISA for a semester in 2016.”

Students can learn more about MISA’s services, organizations and events through the OSE page on the university website.