Orientation welcomes new students

When you begin to see those green bags on the backs of wandering students, you know its time for Orientation.
Southeastern Orientation is a way for incoming freshmen to learn more about the university. Whether having access to informational browses or getting to know other freshmen, the programs are designed to be helpful in the transition into college.
“The main importance of orientation is to help ease that transition from high school to college,” said Keslie Smith, assistant director of Admissions. “Most of the time that students come, they are intimidated about college life and what it’s going to be, because it is so much larger than their high schools.”
It begins with check-in and an informational browse, with information about Southeastern, including sections of the Division for Student Affairs, Auxillary Services and other departments.
Students are then split up into their colleges and given an introduction to Southeastern. On one occasion, Orientation Leaders gave the students a surprise by welcoming them with a flash mob inside of Pottle Music Building Auditorium.
“We have 18 amazing orientation leaders this year,” said Smith. “We couldn’t run this orientation program without the orientation leaders. They are very important to us. They are the first people to make contact with the students, the ones who the students connect with. With out them, we couldn’t do what we do.”
One of the most entertaining aspects of Orientation are the games. Held during the afternoon, the different groups, led by their Orientation Leaders, compete to see who is the best for that orientation session.
“We have about 400 students who attend every single orientation program,” said Smith. “The games and spirit competition are to help build them together as one. Yes, we’re all here about academics, you’re here to schedule classes, but we want you to have fun as well, and show the fun side of the university.”
For more information on orientation or to become an Orientation Leader, contact the Office of Admissions by phone at 1-800-222-SELU (7358) or by email at [email protected]