Campus Dining provides many options

Whether you are a returning student ready for the start of a new semester, or are new to college life, getting to know your food options on campus could help save time in a rather busy schedule. Southeastern’s Campus Dining has a number of food options for students on campus, including new, more efficient ways of ordering online. New additions should appear as well, helping the overall performance of the food locations campus wide.

“We did some upgrades [to the Cayman Cafe],” said food service director Martin Balisteri. “We got a couple of new pizza ovens so we can keep up with pizza a little bit better. We rearranged a little bit of things out there, the drink station is new and we are probably going to do a few new things at the grill. The menu is going to change a little bit, but we basically gave it a face lift.”

Students may also find information about the various food locations around campus online at the Campus Dish Web site.

“A lot of events that we do around campus, we always post it on Campus Dish,” said marketing coordinator Jayme Torres. “So truly Campus Dish is your one stop shop to find out anything that you need to know about campus dining, what’s coming up, what’s happening, what’s new, finding out about your menus, seeing how we are sustainable, how we align ourselves with substantiability and being eco-friendly.”

For students on a budget, Campus Dining offers meal plans to be used at the Cayman Cafe that can be started at the beginning of the semester. An online ordering system known as Ecommerce is also being implemented through Campus Dish, that allows students, faculty and staff to purchase meal plans online along with newly implemented retail packages.

“It kind of adds a little bit more than meal plan purchasing online through Campus Dish,” said Torres. “They’ll have the option to purchase certain types of cakes for occasions. It can be birthday cake packages so they can have a little birthday party in their dorm room. They can also purchase Cokes, water, Lunchables, or Monster energy drinks to put in their mini-fridge in the dorms. There are just a lot of different cool packages they can purchase online.”

According to Torres the retail packages would have to be ordered two days in advance online on Campus Dining’s Web site.

For further information contact Campus Dining at 985-549-2286 or visit