Mocktails competition raises alcohol awareness with a twist


Jacob Lofton/The Lion's Roar

Members of B.U.G.S. and Delta Alpha Omicron pose for a picture in front of their booth. The group came third in the Mocktails competition.

Organizations on campus raised awareness about the effects of alcohol by participating in a competition to make non-alcoholic drinks.

In the annual event Mocktails put on by the Office for Student Engagement, Greek organizations raised awareness about the dangers of alcohol. On Nov. 15, students were treated to a guest speaker, followed by a competition to see who could create the best non-alcoholic beverage.

A group comprised of Delta Sigma Theta, Theta Phi Alpha, PIKE and Omega Psi Psi won the competition with their “Roomie’s Saloon” themed stand. In second place came B.U.G.S. or the Biology Undergraduate Society and Delta Alpha Omicron, with a decorative lights and an alien theme to their booth and drink. Flipside, a student organized dance group, came third in the competition.

Every year, the competition draws large crowds, who come to sample the drinks for themselves.

Reginald King Jr., a member of the Black Student Union, shared why he thought the event was so popular.

“I think it’s just because they get free drinks,” explained King. “I think everybody be thirsty, so you know everybody drinking free stuff.”

King also explained why he thought the event was getting better every year.

“I think it’s gotten better over the years because it was kind of disorganized at first, but I think as the years went on, they really got a hang of it, so I think it’s pretty fun,” shared King. “I really think we might win this year.”

Students in attendance enjoyed the event for various reasons.

Lily Navarro, a member of Phi Mu Alpha, told that she enjoyed the event because it showed that Greek life isn’t just about partying and drinking.

“It’s a contest, and then we can still have fun without the drinks and all the partying and stuff,” said Navarro. “We can just come here and have fun. It’s cool.”

To get informed about other events organized by the Office for Student Engagement, visit the OSE page in the university website.