Organization seeking gumbo cooking teams

As winter rolls in and the gumbo pots come out, so does the competitive spirit. With football hot on its heels, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) has announced its fifth annual Gumbo Cook-Off.

The competition, to be held on Saturday, Oct. 22 in Friendship Circle, precedes Southeastern’s football game against Texas State. Voting will begin at noon on Saturday and end at 6:15 P.M., with the game starting at 7 p.m. Because the Gumbo Cook-Off is a fundraiser, the voting will be done with jars placed next to each entry, and the spectators will be allowed to choose which jar they want to put their money in, or “vote” for.

“We are adding a Washers Tournament, which is a washer board tournament, to help raise more money for our organization during Game Day Gumbo Cook-Off tailgating,” said SAAC advisor Leslie Rolling. “Entry is $10 per two-person team for the single elimination bracket, 21-point game format. Winners will receive a customized set of Southeastern washer boards and t-shirts.”

Despite a decent turnout last year, only three teams have signed up so far. Last year, a tailgating team named “Tailgate #1” took top honors.

“Tailgate #1 won last year; A group consisting of some loyal Lion fans: the Chandlers, Magee’s, Hollimon’s and Wiginton’s.”

“If I remember correctly, we had 8 teams last year with some entering the day of,” said Rolling. “This year, we have 3 confirmed so far.”

Along with the Washers Tournament, the SAAC has teamed up with Sports Management, to hold the Gumbo Cook-Off in conjunction with “Southeastern’s Tackle for the Cure,” according to Rolling.

“The Sport Management Association is raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness and we have coupled up with Susan G. Komen to spread awareness and raise money,” said Rolling.

The Cook-Off was originally used as an effort to help the community get involved with Southeastern. Since then, the SAAC put their own spin on it this year by adding the Washers Tournament.

The winners of the tournament will receive a special gift from SAAC.

“Every year, we give a prize to the group who raised the most money and to the group who has the best tasting gumbo according to our guest judges,” said Rolling. “They receive a wooden gumbo paddle with a plaque commemorating this years event and the division they won.”