Ledet shares tips to be a great leader


Briyana Anderson/The Lion's Roar

Jennifer Ledet, an independent consultant and leadership coach, speaks during the leadership lecture organized by the College of Business. Ledet interacted with students and spoke about being an influential leader.

The College of Business hosted the “Own It and AMP It! Amplify Your Influence to Accelerate Your Success,” lectured by Jennifer Ledet on March 4 in the Student Union Ballroom.

Ledet’s three main points for becoming an influential leader were authenticity, motivation and presence, or AMP, and the lecture was conducted with audience-based participation and exercises. Participation included small group exercises where audience members shared ideas and scenarios about their leadership skills.

Lanell Crowell, administrative assistant for the College of Business, explained why the department chose Ledet to speak at the university and what she hoped that students learned from the lecture.

“We wanted someone that could reach out to our students and that they could relate to,” said Crowell. “I hope they learned how to turn it into themselves and take one thing away from it that they can put towards and into their own lives.”

Crowell commented on the experience of seeing Ledet speak to the audience.

“I thought she did great,” shared Crowell. “I loved how she was amongst our students and being interactive and talking one-on-one with our students versus acting. I thought that was great, and I thought she was a great pick for Southeastern and our type of students.”

Ledet is an independent consultant, leadership coach and a noted speaker. She commented on her experience with speaking to the university on what she wanted the audience to gain from the lecture.

“I want them to take that each of us have our unique gifts and talents, and we need to bring those at everything we do and not deny them,” said Ledet. “Also, learn how to be an assertive leader and to truly be present for people and be conscious of how you show up for people.”

Ledet offered advice to students on what they should continue doing after school.

“Don’t let your learning stop,” encouraged Ledet. “Make it a point to be a continuous learner. You have tons of resources in front of you. Don’t stop learning.”