Keeping busy while staying at home

As the switch to online learning has begun, many students around the world are finding themselves stuck at home with nothing to do, myself included. However, I’ve found a few tips that have so far helped me to become more productive during this time of isolation.

To start off, communication does not have to end. In a world that is so technologically advanced, there are many ways to interact with people without them being physically present.

Now is the perfect time to catch up with friends and family by calling, or my personal favorite, Facetime.

Facetime has become essential when wanting to see my grandparents. Taking the precaution to not visit them has been hard, but facetiming with them whenever I feel gloomy about this situation, has made me feel 10 times better.

Grandma might not be the best at “face chatting”, but we’re working on it.

Instead of bingeing on Netflix shows, start a new hobby. In between classes and work, I have had absolutely no time to do activities that I love. With extra free time on everyone’s hands, there is so much that one can dive into.

For example, I have a stack of books under my desk I have always wanted to read, and now I can start. If reading isn’t for you, practicing different skills is also beneficial. This can include painting, learning how to play an instrument or even cooking. Take this time to challenge yourself and your abilities.

With gyms closing and memberships on hold, there are still ways to stay active.

After I finish my schoolwork, I will look up YouTube workout videos that guide me just as an in-person class would. Trust me, you definitely still feel the burn. The coronavirus also does not prevent one from taking a hike, riding a bike or going jogging; being that it is not airborne, only through respiratory droplets. It is important that we practice staying healthy during this time.

Instead of waiting for the break to spring clean, we can start now. Although this is something that I typically dread, I’ve found that working from a clean environment at home has made me more productive.

Being in quarantine is the perfect time to clean all the nooks and crannies that get overlooked on a daily basis. Normally, you would not see me scrubbing every appliance, cleaning out my closet and organizing things that I forgot even existed. After taking the time to do so, I’m so happy that I did. I have even started to make little improvements in my life by cleaning my makeup brushes and whitening a pair of dirty shoes.

With everything feeling “icky” in the world, it’s nice to feel clean and put together in my own home.

An important realization that I came to was that this is the perfect time to just focus on myself. It’s hard to not have my normal day-to-day routine, but since taking a step back from the world, I came to the conclusion that I’ve desperately been needing some “me” time.

I have been able to journal affirmations, catch up on skincare and finally get some sleep in. Self-care does not have to be just for girls, but guys too. Checking in with yourself can be as simple as watching your favorite movie, listening to music or meditating.

No one is sure when this pandemic will end or how long we will have to practice social distancing, but taking up these tips can help improve our quality of life significantly.